How to Uninstall Anaconda on Mac

Among the main goals of Anaconda is never to interfere with every other software you curently have on one’s body or that you might install in the foreseeable future (if you don’t choose to co-mingle the new software with Anaconda — but we don’t want to make that choice for you).

If that is going on (and it appears like it is going on with PythonXY) then there’s a problem. But also for sure there are a few problems with the uninstall process. Some tips about what I’d recommend (I’m actually going right through this technique right now):

  1. Use the Home windows uninstaller to eliminate anything Python or Anaconda related.
  2. Make certain all Python and Anaconda programs are halted.
  3. Use Data file Explorer to get around to your house listing and delete Anaconda as well as the web directories listed in concern 1126 (hyperlink above).
  4. Tidy up your start menu. I am still racking your brains on how to get this done myself (and also have made no improvement).
  5. Reboot.
  6. Reinstall Anaconda (or whatever other thing it is you’re striving to set up).

To uninstall Anaconda, you can certainly do a straightforward remove of this program. This may leave a few data files behind, which for some users is merely fine. See Option A.

If you too want to eliminate all traces of the construction files and sites from Anaconda and its own programs, you can download and use the Anaconda-Clean program first, then execute a simple remove. See Option B.

Use simple Uninstall Anaconda from OS X

In macOS-Open the or iTerm2 terminal program, and then remove your complete Anaconda directory, that includes a name such as anaconda2 or anaconda3, by stepping into rm -rf ~/anaconda3.

Full uninstall using Anaconda-Clean and simple remove

Word: Anaconda-Clean must be run before simple remove.

  • Install the Anaconda-Clean package deal from Anaconda Fast (Terminal on Linux or macOS):
  • conda install anaconda-clean

Inside the same home window, run one of the commands:

  • Remove all Anaconda-related documents and sites with a verification quick before deleting each one:
  • anaconda-clean

Or, remove all Anaconda-related documents and directories without having to be prompted to erase each one:

  • anaconda-clean –yes

Anaconda-Clean creates a back-up of all data and directories that could be removed, such as .bash_account, in a folder known as .anaconda_backup at home directory. Also remember that Anaconda-Clean leaves your computer data data in the AnacondaProjects listing untouched.

After using Anaconda-Clean, follow the instructions above in Option A to uninstall Anaconda.