Exploring the PO18 Postcode District: A Detailed Insight

The PO18 postcode district is one of the 34 postcode districts within the PO (Portsmouth) postcode area, covering a range of locations across southern England, particularly within Chichester. This district encompasses a variety of locales, …


The PO18 postcode district is one of the 34 postcode districts within the PO (Portsmouth) postcode area, covering a range of locations across southern England, particularly within Chichester. This district encompasses a variety of locales, each rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. Covering areas such as Bosham, Boxgrove, Eartham, East Dean, Goodwood, Funtington, and Nutbourne, PO18 offers a fascinating glimpse into some of England’s most picturesque and historically significant regions.

Historical Context and Development


Bosham is one of the most historically significant locations within the PO18 district. Known for its picturesque waterfront, the village has a deep historical lineage dating back to Roman times. Bosham is famously associated with King Canute, who is said to have attempted to command the tides to halt here. The village’s Holy Trinity Church is notable for its mention in the Bayeux Tapestry, underscoring its historical importance during the Norman Conquest.


Boxgrove is renowned for the Boxgrove Priory, a beautiful ruin of a 12th-century monastery that has become a focal point for visitors and historians alike. The discovery of the Boxgrove Man, a 500,000-year-old hominid fossil, further cemented Boxgrove’s significance in the archaeological community, offering valuable insights into early human history.


Eartham is a small, picturesque village known for its quintessential English charm. The village is home to the Eartham House, which has served various purposes over the centuries and is now a school. Eartham’s serene countryside and historic buildings make it a beloved spot for those seeking to explore traditional rural England.

East Dean

East Dean is a small village located within the South Downs National Park. Known for its stunning landscapes and scenic walking routes, East Dean offers a tranquil escape into nature. The village’s history is closely linked to agriculture, with its rolling fields and historic farms painting a picture of traditional English rural life.


Goodwood is internationally renowned for the Goodwood Estate, which includes the Goodwood House, Goodwood Racecourse, and the Goodwood Motor Circuit. The estate hosts numerous high-profile events, such as the Festival of Speed and the Goodwood Revival, attracting visitors from around the world. Goodwood House itself is a stunning example of Georgian architecture, surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens.


Funtington is a charming village known for its peaceful ambiance and historical architecture. The village has a long history, with its roots tracing back to the Domesday Book. Funtington’s local church, St. Mary’s, is a historical landmark, and the surrounding countryside provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities and exploration.


Nutbourne is a small hamlet that offers a glimpse into England’s pastoral life. Known for its vineyards, Nutbourne has gained a reputation for producing high-quality English wines. The hamlet’s scenic beauty and agricultural heritage make it a delightful spot for visitors interested in viticulture and rural tourism.

Key Attractions and Landmarks

Bosham Quay

Bosham Quay is a picturesque spot along the waterfront, offering stunning views of Chichester Harbour. It’s a popular destination for boating, fishing, and bird-watching. The area is dotted with quaint cottages and historic buildings, creating a charming atmosphere that attracts both tourists and locals.

Boxgrove Priory

Boxgrove Priory, a well-preserved ruin of a 12th-century monastery, is a significant historical site. The priory’s church still serves as a place of worship, and the ruins are open to the public, providing a fascinating glimpse into medieval monastic life. The site is also known for its tranquil setting and beautiful architecture.

Goodwood House and Estate

The Goodwood Estate is a major attraction within the PO18 district. Goodwood House, a stunning Georgian mansion, is open to the public for tours, showcasing its exquisite interiors and extensive art collection. The estate’s racecourse and motor circuit host world-famous events, making it a hub of activity and excitement.

Eartham Woods

Eartham Woods is a popular destination for walkers and nature enthusiasts. The woodland area offers a network of trails that wind through the scenic landscape, providing opportunities to observe local wildlife and enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside. The woods are particularly beautiful in the spring when bluebells carpet the forest floor.

East Dean’s South Downs

The South Downs National Park, encompassing East Dean, offers some of the most breathtaking landscapes in southern England. The area is ideal for hiking, cycling, and horse riding, with numerous trails that provide stunning views of the rolling hills and valleys. The park is also home to a variety of flora and fauna, making it a haven for nature lovers.

Economic and Social Overview

Housing and Real Estate

The PO18 postcode district encompasses a range of housing options, from historic cottages and farmhouses to modern family homes and luxury properties. The area’s real estate market is buoyed by its attractive location, scenic beauty, and historical significance. Property values tend to be higher in villages like Bosham and Boxgrove due to their desirability and unique charm.


The PO18 district is served by several well-regarded educational institutions. Schools in the area benefit from strong community support and a focus on high educational standards. The presence of historic buildings such as Eartham House adds a unique dimension to the educational landscape, providing students with a connection to the region’s rich history.

Economy and Employment

The local economy in the PO18 district is diverse, with key sectors including agriculture, tourism, and small-scale manufacturing. The presence of vineyards in Nutbourne and the events hosted at Goodwood contribute significantly to the area’s economic activity. Additionally, the district’s proximity to larger towns and cities such as Chichester provides residents with access to a broader range of employment opportunities.

Transportation and Connectivity

Road and Rail Links

The PO18 district is well-connected by road, with the A27 providing a major east-west route through the area. This road links the district to nearby towns and cities, including Chichester and Portsmouth. Public transportation options include regular bus services that connect the villages to Chichester and other nearby hubs.

Rail links are accessible from Chichester and other nearby stations, providing connections to London, Brighton, and other major cities. This makes the PO18 district an attractive option for commuters who wish to live in a rural setting while maintaining access to urban employment opportunities.

Cycling and Walking

The South Downs National Park and other scenic areas within the PO18 district offer excellent opportunities for cycling and walking. The network of trails and paths provides residents and visitors with a healthy and environmentally friendly way to explore the region. These routes are well-maintained and signposted, ensuring safe and enjoyable experiences for outdoor enthusiasts.

Community and Culture

Festivals and Events

The PO18 district hosts a variety of festivals and events throughout the year. Goodwood is particularly renowned for its high-profile events, including the Festival of Speed and the Goodwood Revival, which celebrate motorsport and vintage culture. These events draw large crowds and contribute significantly to the local economy.

In addition to Goodwood’s events, local villages often host their own festivals and fairs, celebrating regional traditions and fostering a strong sense of community. These events include agricultural shows, craft fairs, and seasonal celebrations, providing entertainment and social opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

Community Organizations

The villages within the PO18 district have a vibrant community life, supported by various local organizations and clubs. These groups offer a range of activities and services, from sports and recreation to arts and culture. Community centers and village halls serve as hubs for social interaction, hosting events, meetings, and classes that bring residents together.

Environmental Considerations

Conservation Efforts

The PO18 district is home to several areas of natural beauty and ecological significance. Conservation efforts are crucial to preserving these landscapes and ensuring their sustainability for future generations. Local organizations, in partnership with national bodies, work to protect habitats, maintain biodiversity, and promote sustainable land use practices.

Sustainable Tourism

Tourism is an important part of the local economy, and efforts are made to ensure that it is conducted sustainably. Initiatives include promoting eco-friendly accommodations, encouraging responsible visitor behavior, and supporting local businesses that prioritize environmental stewardship. Sustainable tourism helps to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the PO18 district while providing economic benefits to the community.

Challenges and Future Prospects

Housing Development

As with many desirable rural areas, the PO18 district faces challenges related to housing development. Balancing the need for new housing with the preservation of the region’s character and natural beauty is a key concern. Local planning authorities work to ensure that development is sustainable and in keeping with the area’s aesthetic and environmental standards.

Economic Diversification

While the local economy is relatively diverse, there is always room for further growth and diversification. Supporting new businesses, particularly those in emerging sectors such as technology and renewable energy, can help to strengthen the local economy and provide new employment opportunities. Ensuring that the workforce has access to relevant training and education is also crucial for economic resilience.

Infrastructure Improvements

Ongoing investment in infrastructure is necessary to support the needs of residents and businesses in the PO18 district. This includes maintaining and upgrading transportation networks, utilities, and digital connectivity. Ensuring that rural areas have access to high-speed internet is particularly important in the modern economy, as it enables remote working and supports local enterprises.


The PO18 postcode district, encompassing Bosham, Boxgrove, Eartham, East Dean, Goodwood, Funtington, and Nutbourne, is a region rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. Each locale within the district offers its own unique charm and attractions, contributing to the overall character and appeal of the area.

From the historic significance of Bosham and Boxgrove to the scenic landscapes of East Dean and the vibrant cultural scene at Goodwood, the PO18 district is a microcosm of what makes rural England so special. The area’s economic and social fabric is supported by a strong sense of community, diverse economic activities, and a commitment to preserving its natural and historical heritage.

As the PO18 district continues to evolve, it faces challenges related to development, economic diversification, and infrastructure. However, with careful planning and a focus on sustainability, the district is well-positioned to thrive in the future, maintaining its unique character while adapting to the needs of its residents and visitors.

In conclusion, the PO18 postcode district is not just a collection of villages and hamlets; it is a vibrant, living tapestry of England’s past, present, and future. It exemplifies the beauty, history, and community spirit that define the English countryside, making it a cherished place to live, work, and visit.


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