How to get rid of Duplicate emails in Mac Mail

The Mac OS X working system incorporates an essential email customer called Apple Mail that can interface with any email account that uses the POP3 or IMAP conventions. With more seasoned adaptations of Mac OS X, you may encounter an issue where Apple Mail reliably duplicates messages in your “Sent” folder or letter box subfolders. To for all time settle the issue, reset the system file in charge of arranging email things, as it has likely turned out to be defiled.

Mac mail keeps downloading same emails?

In the first place, ensure that your email is went down (as a component of a general Mac reinforcement). The accompanying procedure shouldn’t cause any mischief however in the event that something turns out badly, you can fall back on your reinforcement.In the wake of downloading the chronicle, open it. Hold down the Option key, tap the Finder’s Go menu, and choose Library. Inside the Library window that shows up, find the Scripts folder and drag the Remove Duplicate Messages content into it.

Dispatch Mail and select the letter drop you’d get a kick out of the chance to remove the duplicates from. Select the majority of the messages in that letter drop; at that point, from Mail’s AppleScript menu, choose Remove Duplicate Messages. (On the off chance that you don’t see an AppleScript menu, dispatch AppleScript Editor—found in/Applications/Utilities—open its inclinations, and from the General tab enable the Show Script Menu in Menu Bar alternative.)

A Remove Duplicate Messages folder will be made on the work area. Inside it you’ll find a Read Me record, and in addition the Remove Duplicate Messages.log file. On the off chance that the AppleScript finds any duplicate messages, it will remove them from Mail and duplicate them into a Removed Duplicates folder inside the Remove Duplicate Messages folder on the work area. At the point when the content is done, you’ll see a window that discloses to you what number of duplicates (assuming any) it removed. Rehash this procedure for different letter drops.

In the event that you like, you can see these message to guarantee that they truly are duplicates—and afterward toss them out. You can likewise double tap the log file to see its substance in the Console application.

If Apple mail downloading or sending duplicate emails

In the event that your mac mail program is downloading similar messages numerous circumstances, you may have an adulterated mac mail file. The initial step you should register with is moving up to the most recent form of Mac Mail.

In case that this does not resolve the issue:

Utilize the finder to open the/Home/Library/Mail area and find “MessageUidsAlreadyDownloaded3”. At the point when your mail program is closed, remove this file and remove from the trash container. At that point, re-open the Mac mail program to revive this file.

Apple mail duplicate gmail messages

The issue you’re encountering is a typical one for clients of both Apple Mail and Gmail. As we say in our How-To Guide for Setting up Gmail and Apple Mail, a distinction in the way that Gmail and Mail handle draft messages makes many duplicates be put away and held when Mail is arranged to keep duplicates of drafts on the server. Subsequently, in spite of its potential comfort, we suggest that Apple Mail clients design the product to just store drafts on the neighborhood PC.

To change the way Mail stores draft messages, open the application and go to Mail > Preferences > Accounts. Select your Gmail account from the rundown on the left, and afterward select the “Letter drop Behaviors” catch on the right. Uncheck the container “Store draft messages on the server.”

Mail will in any case keep visit drafts of your sent messages as you compose them, yet they won’t be put away on Gmail’s servers and may be open by the nearby PC on which the message was made. This implies on the off chance that you start to compose an email on your workstation however hold up to send it, you won’t have the capacity to get to what you’ve composed up to this point from another gadget, for example, your iPhone.
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