Frangelico: A Toast to Tradition and Flavor from Italy’s Piedmont Region



Frangelico, a hazelnut and herb-flavored liqueur, captures the essence of Italian craftsmanship and regional flavor. Known for its distinct bottle shaped like a Christian friar and its rich, sweet taste, Frangelico has established itself as a staple in bars and homes worldwide. This article explores the history, production, unique packaging, culinary versatility, and accolades of Frangelico, offering a comprehensive look at this beloved Italian liqueur.

Origins and History of Frangelico

Frangelico’s origins trace back to the Piedmont region of Italy, renowned for its rich culinary and spirits heritage. Named after a legendary hermit monk, Fra Angelico, who purportedly created unique recipes for liqueurs, Frangelico was introduced in 1978. Despite its relatively modern inception, the liqueur’s recipe draws from a long tradition of Italian herbal liqueurs and infusions, reflecting centuries of regional practices and flavors.

The Barbaro family initially produced Frangelico with a higher alcohol content, initially bottling it at 28% ABV (56 proof). Over the years, its formulation has been adjusted to 20% ABV (40 proof), making it lighter and appealing to a broader audience.

Production Process

Frangelico is crafted using local hazelnuts, which are harvested, shelled, toasted, and crushed. These hazelnuts are then infused into a solution of water and alcohol. The infusion captures the nuts’ full flavor before being distilled to concentrate the essence and intensify the flavors. This hazelnut distillate forms the heart of Frangelico.

Alongside hazelnut distillate, it contains sugar, alcohol, natural and artificial flavors, and caramel coloring. The exact blend of herbs that complements the hazelnut is a closely guarded secret, adding to it’s mystique and unique profile. The addition of caramel not only adjusts the liqueur’s color to an appealing golden hue but also adds a touch of sweetness.

Iconic Packaging

One of it’s most recognizable features is its bottle, designed to resemble a Franciscan friar, complete with a traditional rope belt. This distinctive design pays homage to the legendary origins of the liqueur and helps it stand out on shelves. The bottle is not just a nod to tradition but also serves as an effective marketing tool, reinforcing the liqueur’s historical and spiritual associations.

Culinary Uses

Frangelico’s versatility in the culinary world is notable. Its sweet, nutty flavor makes it a popular ingredient in a variety of cocktails, where it pairs well with vodka, coffee, and chocolate-based drinks. The liqueur is also a favorite in dessert recipes, from cakes and cookies to sophisticated sauces and gourmet dishes.

A classic way to enjoy it is neat or on the rocks, which highlights its rich hazelnut flavor. It can also be used in coffee or hot chocolate, adding a layer of complexity and warmth, perfect for cold evenings.

Nutritional Content

A standard 1 US fluid ounce (30 ml) serving of Frangelico contains about 11 grams of sugar, accounting for approximately 40% of its weight in sugar. This high sugar content is typical of many liqueurs and contributes to it’s sweet, smooth profile.

Recognition and Awards

Frangelico has been favorably reviewed by several spirit ratings organizations, including the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the Beverage Testing Institute, and Wine Enthusiast. These accolades have not only affirmed its quality but have also helped bolster its reputation in the competitive spirits market. Proof66, which aggregates ratings information from expert review bodies, categorizes Frangelico as a “Tier 1” spirit, placing it in the “Highly Recommended” category.


Frangelico embodies the tradition, innovation, and craftsmanship of Italian liqueur production. From its historical roots inspired by a hermit monk’s legendary recipes to its modern recognition as a versatile and beloved spirit, it offers a unique taste of Italy’s Piedmont region. Its iconic packaging, rich flavor profile, and culinary flexibility ensure that it remains a favorite among both connoisseurs and casual drinkers, continuing to bring a touch of Italian elegance to glasses and dishes around the world. Whether enjoyed in a sophisticated cocktail, a warming beverage, or a decadent dessert, Frangelico captures the spirit of Italy in every drop.


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