What is MacScan?

In the wake of testing a wide range of anti-virus programs in the course of the most recent couple of months, I discovered something that disturbed me significantly. MacScan, made by SecureMac, is one of just a not very many Mac-just anti-malware devices. It has a long history with the Mac, having been around since the first versions of Mac OS X. Sadly, it failed my tests horrifyingly! The question that rung a bell immediately was: the reason?

After my first test, I reached SecureMac for remarks. They had some legitimate worries about a portion of the malware in that test. Different companies had communicated worry about similar items. For the vast majority of whatever remains of the specimens, I was informed that MacScan did not identify them because they were simply parts of the malware, not the entire thing as found in the wild. In any case, the issue with that contention was that the VirusTotal links I provided to the examples used in my test regularly just identified a portion of the malware, while at times a full installer or application was really used in testing. In the interest of fairness, however, I saved judgment until after my second round of testing.

A nearby examination of what was identified demonstrates that, of course, MacScan just distinguished the full, “in the wild” malware. Nonetheless, there were likewise numerous “in the wild” specimens that were missed. Some of these were things that an anti-spyware program should secure against, however to be fair, MacScan’s spyware list page does not claim that it identifies. Be that as it may, some of the items that were missed really were on the list.

SecureMac, the pioneer in security solutions for OS X, today introduced MacScan 3, the up and coming generation of its flagship anti-malware programming for Mac users. MacScan 3 offers an all-new way to deal with the way we ensure against security and privacy dangers, including a streamlined user experience, new highlights, and real improvements to speed and stability. Unlike numerous items available, MacScan 3 secures against the dangers that are targeting Mac users, including trojan stallions, keystroke lumberjacks and adware.

“Consistently, an ever increasing number of individuals are victims of security breaks, information robbery, and online extortion. Regardless of the possibility that you don’t have firsthand experience, you most likely know somebody who has been hacked or the objective of identity burglary. In the course of recent years there has been a sharp increase in dangers targeting Apple users, and we’ve seen the evolution of Mac-specific malware first hand,” said Nicholas Raba, President and CEO of SecureMac. “We needed to rethink anti-malware and survey how Mac users are focused on with the goal that we could ensure against these new dangers. What’s more, we adjusted the innovation with a superior user interface to provide simple usability for novice and propelled Mac users alike.”

MacScan SecureMac features

MacScan 3 makes it simple to ensure against malware with an intuitive interface and improved scan capabilities. Automatic malware definition updates guarantee that you’re ensured against the most recent dangers, and planned scans can watch your PC’s security notwithstanding when you’re not there. With regards to privacy dangers, MacScan 3 can automatically remove blacklisted tracking cookies or clean files abandoned by well known web programs, saving disk space and erasing private information. Key highlights of the MacScan 3 service include:

Protection against Malware Threats: Avoid getting hit with malware. MacScan 3 offers four unique approaches to scan for malware, including another Smart Scan highlight that objectives locations where malware is known to hide, saving time and PC assets.

Internet Clutter Cleanup: Remove pointless files abandoned by web programs to free up significant hard drive space and eliminate private information. Extended cleaning options give you finish control and customization with regards to your privacy protection.

Booked Scans and Automated Cleaning: MacScan 3 has a built-in scan scheduler that gives you finish control to pick when a scan should automatically run, and enables you to configure different scans to keep running at different times. If you’re looking for a quick solution to tracking cookies, MacScan 3 has an automatic cookie cleaning highlight that will target and remove blacklisted tracking cookies when you are done surfing the net, leaving whatever is left of your cookies set up – no user interaction required!

Whats new in MacScan 3

Malware Definition Updates: MacScan 3 automatically checks for malware definition updates before each scan, so you can easily remain in the know regarding protection against the most recent Mac malware dangers targeting OS X.

Extended Tracking Cookie Cleaning Options: MacScan 3 comes stacked with detection capabilities for a colossal number of known tracking cookies (more than 25,000 and counting!), with a database that is updated all the time. If there is are specific cookies that you need to keep, or ones that you generally need to remove, you would now be able to specify a custom whitelist and blacklist for cookies on your framework.

MacScan 3 requires Mac OS X 10.8 or higher, a Macintosh PC with a 64-bit processor, Internet connection for malware definition updates and no less than 500 MB of available disk space.