What is HoudahSpot for Mac?

HoudahSpot is an adaptable desktop seek instrument. Utilize HoudahSpot to find hard-to-discover files and keep every now and again utilized files inside reach. HoudahSpot will quickly feel commonplace. It works only the way you anticipate that pursuit will work. Begin with a basic hunt. Refine it by including and consolidating criteria. Peruse query items. Include segments. See files and content matches. Pick the files you truly require.

  • Discover files by name, content, content kind, creator, beneficiary, pixel tally, and so on.
  • Consolidate criteria to limit list items
  • Determine which envelopes to pursuit and which ones to reject

HoudahSpot has for quite some time been my device of decision for filling the openings in Spotlight. It includes basic highlights, for example, having the capacity to look through numerous areas all the while, the capacity to files “comparative” to a case with movable criteria, and simple building and sparing of cutting edge seeks. In the event that you’ve at any point attempted to manufacture a genuinely incredible Smart Folder in Finder, you realize that the interface required some assistance.

HoudahSpot 4.0 turned out recently, and it’s magnificent. Another “Fast Search” permits progressed ventures to be begun quickly. The criteria supervisor is significantly slicker. What’s more, one of my most loved new highlights is “Pieces.” You can spare a criteria or any accumulation of criteria with a title, and after that drag them into different quests as you construct them.
The new Info and Details sheets are simple approaches to see file data, obviously, however you can likewise click ascribes in them to add them promptly to the inquiry as “Channels.”

Should I download HoudahSpot?


  • Thorough inquiry: HoudahSpot for Mac bolsters various hunt alternatives, for example, gathering the inquiries or utilizing client characterized gatherings, and can seek file characteristics and the substance of content files. It can likewise complete a fluffy hunt utilizing the parameters you enter.
  • Incorporate and prohibit areas: The hunt can be restricted to a specific area on the PC, or it can be particular to specific organizers on client mounted volumes or Spotlight listed pages. Express areas can likewise be avoided.
  • Interface brimming with choices: Integrating with Spotlight to enable you to discover files on your PC, it includes an interface that resembles Finder, aside from the sidebar loaded with channels and alternatives.


  • Not for straightforward pursuits: Simple hunts should be possible all the more effectively with Spotlight.
  • Not for fledglings: As a propelled look instrument, it won’t not speak to apprentices. There are an excessive number of choices that can without much of a stretch confound an amateur.
  • Hunt parameters can be opposing: If you’re not focusing on all the pursuit parameters you choose, you may wind up with clashing channels.