How Do I View System Error Log?

Like most working frameworks, OS X has a huge amount of stuff running that is covered up to the user. Looking at the always refreshed log files is an awesome method to tune and troubleshoot your framework.

The snappiest method to begin is by opening the Console application found in OS X 10.5 and later. This can be found through Spotlight or through the Applications → Utilities folder.

Many several log files will be unmistakable. Here are a couple of good ones to begin investigating.

  • system.log portrays issues with respect to your entire framework. DNS, systems administration, and Adium messages every now and again appear here for me.
  • mail.log is every so often useful when attempting to get the Mail application fixed.
  • CrashReporter logs are imperative in troubleshooting any crash inside a particular application.

Retrieving Console logs on Mac

In case you’re in this circumstance, or whatever other reason that you’d need to take after your Console framework log from the charge line, here’s all you have to type:

tail - f/var/log/system.log

You can do likewise with the bit log, which is incredible in case you’re investigating equipment and network issues:

tail - f/var/log/kernel.log

The tail – f summon enables the predefined file to be perused and printed to your screen in a live stream. There are a lot of other log files you can take after contained inside/var/log yet the over two are by and large the most useful for investigating purposes.

You can likewise use the less order on log files, similar to so:


When you have the log file opened with less, hit the “F” key to ceaselessly refresh the log file as it refreshes live, making it sort of like tail – f in that it offers a continually refreshing log file for simple review.

The syslog charge is another alternative, yet a remarkable firehose in case you’re running syslog uncontrolled by grep, awk, more, or less. See with your own eyes with:


You’ll see it to be somewhat overpowering, and substantially more reasonable by channeling through additional:

syslog |more

The syslog summon is very much highlighted with a few livens however, find more with the – help hail, which will demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to send out the substance of a log file, read particular logs, coordinate logs to procedures, and significantly more.

Using the Console on Mac OS X El Capitan v10.11 and higher

Open the Console application (from the Utilities folder inside your Applications folder). It should open to All Messages, demonstrating the log passages for everything that is happened as of late on your Mac. On the off chance that you’ve beforehand limited the Console comes about, demonstrate the Log List and select All Messages previously continuing.

Change back to our Omni app, and endeavor to trigger the issue. This will (ideally!) print some yield to the Console.

Come back to Console and from the Menu Bar pick File → Save A Copy As and append the file to your reaction so we can examine further!