How to use Dropbox on Mac?

The Dropbox desktop application makes an envelope on your PC that works simply like some other organizer, yet with a couple of other extraordinary highlights:

  • Changes you make to files in the Dropbox organizer naturally match up to and associated cell phones.
  • Changes you make additionally match up to the Dropbox records of individuals you share files with.
  • The Dropbox desktop application gives you simple access to your Dropbox files, notwithstanding when you’re disconnected.
  • Install the Dropbox application on your gadgets
  • Download the desktop application on your PC.
  • Get the free Dropbox versatile application on your cell phone or tablet.
  • Once installed, you’ll be prompted to either sign in or make another record.
  • In case you’re associating Dropbox Business accounts, make sure to sign in to this record on every one of your gadgets.
  • When Dropbox is installed on your PC, you’ll see another Dropbox organizer on your hard drive.

Add files to your Dropbox envelope and Dropbox will match up them with your record on the web. You can likewise get to these files when you sign in to Once you’ve installed the application and marked in on your cell phones, your files will show up in the Dropbox organizers there, as well.

Set up Dropbox on Mac

When you set up a Dropbox account and download and install the application, it will show up on your Mac as an uncommon Dropbox organizer. Anything you put inside the organizer is consequently duplicated to the cloud-based capacity framework, and is synchronized with some other gadgets you utilize that are additionally running Dropbox. This implies you can chip away at a record on your Mac, take off to work, and backpedal to take a shot at the archive, knowing it’s the very same form as the one you were simply tinkering with at home.

Dropbox isn’t the main cloud-based capacity and synchronizing administration for the Mac, however it’s at present a standout amongst the most prevalent. It has some truly firm rivalry, however, including Microsoft’s SkyDrive’s, Google Drive,, and SugarSync. As a Mac client, you likewise have the alternative of utilizing Apple’s local cloud benefit, iCloud. At the point when iCloud first went to the Mac, there was a glaring exclusion: it did not have any broad stockpiling capacity.

Without a doubt, you could spare files to iCloud, provided the application that made the files was iCloud-sharp. In later forms of iCloud, Apple incorporated a broadly useful cloud-based capacity framework, making iCloud an extremely helpful and simple to-utilize benefit that is now coordinated with your Mac.

Change dropbox account on Mac

To change the record your Apple Computer is connected to, first unlink the Mac in your record settings or desktop application inclinations:

  • Sign in to
  • Snap your name at the highest point of any page to open the record menu.
  • Snap Settings.
  • Open the Security tab.
  • In the Devices area, tap the X alongside the name of the Mac you need to unlink

Can I have two Dropbox accounts on my Mac?

In case you’re a Dropbox Business client, yes! You can have both an individual Dropbox account and a work Dropbox account on your PC, Mac, gadgets, and We bolster having an individual and a work Dropbox organizer on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. Figure out how to interface your two Dropbox accounts.

Just Dropbox Business clients can match up various Dropbox records to a solitary gadget. In the event that you don’t have a Dropbox Business account, you can get to a moment Dropbox account by marking in as another client on Or on the other hand you can share files between numerous records by making shared envelopes.

  • Rearrange your life by associating Dropbox accounts. Look at this blog entry to figure out how.
  • Unlink or relink a Mac or cell phone to Dropbox
  • When you unlink your PC from your Dropbox account, the accompanying happens:
  • Files and organizers are never again adjusted to the Dropbox envelope on that Mac; essentially Dropbox is killed
  • Files and organizers themselves stay untouched in your Dropbox envelope
  • Unlink a Mac from