How to Uninstall VLC on Mac

Pull the VLC Player to your garbage can. You can even remove the construction data file and the cache data files in ~/Collection/Preferences/VLC/. There can be an AppleScript on the disk-image which enables you to do that automatically.

If that didn’t work, you can double-click on the Applications icon. This provides up a set of all applications on your Apple pc. Scroll through the set of Applications, then press and contain the Ctrl button to talk about a desk of options and activities. Select “proceed to trash”.

Finally, if the prior processes failed, you can test installing a third-party uninstaller program to uninstall it, such as AppCleaner.
Specific manuals to uninstall VLC Marketing Player on the Mac
Traditional (manual) way to totally take it off

  1. Stop the app
  2. Find the VLC Marketing Player program on the Dock, and right select it
  3. Select Quit to leave this program, and you’ll be able to start the removal

How to Delete VLC from Mac

  1. Go through the Finder on the DOCK
  2. Click Applications on the still left pane, and discover the VLC Advertising Player on the Applications folder
  3. Identify the VLC Multimedia Player program, and pull the icon to the Trash
  4. Right go through the Trash, and choose Empty Trash

Check and remove VLC leftovers.

  • Click on Continue the very best menu, and choose Head to folder…
  • Type “~/library/” in the package, and struck the Go back key
  • Click to open up the application form folder, Caches, and Tastes one at a time, and erase those documents and folders with VLC Mass media Player or the vendor’s name

Remove all promoting items from your drive

Macintosh HD > Users > [current consumer=””][/current] > ~Library > Request Support > org.videolan.vlc
Macintosh HD > Users > [current individual=””][/current] > ~Library > Saved Program Point out > org.videolan.vlc.savedState
Macintosh HD > Users > [current customer=””][/current] > ~Collection > Tastes > org.videolan.vlc
Macintosh HD > Users > [current customer=””][/current] > ~Catalogue > Choices > org.videolan.vlc.plist

  • Use demand+Shift+G for easy navigation
  • Reboot Your Mac

Please note: vestiges examining and removal is a required step for totally taking away VLC Mass media Player using the pc, which is even the main element for the successful removal of this program. If the associated files can’t be removed completely on the Laptop or computer, it’ll misguide the computer that iphone app VLC Multimedia Player still stick to the device, or lead some jogging problems of the iphone app when Operating-system X look for and operate VLC Marketing Player’s process. The User’s Library folder is a location that stores many data and configurations of the installed programs or Operating-system X itself, which means you should first of all consider to check on this folder for cleaning the associated data files after finishing to eliminate VLC Multimedia Player’s installed package