How to Remove VirtualBox for Mac

Virtual machines take up a great deal of drive space and memory space. When you have been using VirtualBox on your Macintosh and then opt to uninstall it, this short article is here now to help you. We also advise that you remove Virtualbox whenever there are some blunders in it and set up the hottest version available. Continue reading to understand how to uninstall VirtualBox from your Macintosh completely.
Uninstalling VirtualBox Manually

Uninstalling software is much less easy as it may seem. You must understand the difference between just getting rid of an iphone app and uninstalling it completely by clearing all support data. Follow these steps to erase VirtualBox with all its service documents.

Drop VirtualBox to Garbage bin or go to Finder → Applications → Click “Proceed to Garbage” in the framework menu.

Even though Virtualbox is removed entirely, the online machine images still stick to the disc taking on significant drive space (for Linux – from 1GB, for Macintosh personal computer or Home windows – even more than 20GB). So that it makes sense to examine the digital machine images and remove unused ones.

Run VirtualBox uninstaller tool

When you mount VirtualBox through the drive image file, you might notice that there is a file known as VirtualBox_Uninstall.tool in the folder. If you keep the set up data file on your Mac pc, you are advised to perform this tool to eliminate VirtualBox.

  1. Locate the drive image (dmg) data file in the Finder, and dual click to open up it up.
  2. Double go through the VirtualBox_Uninstall.tool within the opened window.
  3. When prompted, select Open button to perform the script iphone app in Terminal.
  4. Type Yes in the Terminal home window that appear, and struck Enter key to perform it.
  5. Enter the administrator security password and struck Enter key to verify the removal.
  6. As the procedure is complete, close the windows and give up Terminal from the Dock.

Most files regarding the VirtualBox will be removed by this way. Unless you have the set up record on your Macintosh, download one, or take the steps below to erase it.

Move VirtualBox to the Trash

  • Start the Finder, and select Applications in the sidebar to demand folder.
  • Locate and choose VirtualBox, then move the icon to the Garbage and drop it there.
  • When prompted, type your administrator profile password to permit this change.
  • Right select Garbage icon and choose Clear Trash to execute the uninstall.

Notice: Be mindful when you perform the previous step. Emptying the Garbage will instantly remove all the data you’ve thrown in to the Trash, which procedure is irrevocable. Be sure you have not erased anything incorrect, and before emptying the Garbage, you can rebuild that by right simply clicking it there and choosing the Put Back again option.

Remove all Virtualbox files from Terminal

Eventhough you removed VirtualBox, very little free space you have back. The next thing, you visited VirtualBox Forums plus they told you to consider /Library/VirtualBox directory site, or look for VDI data. However, damn, you cannot find any?!?

I had an identical issue and determined that, after removal, VirtualBox doesn’t remove all documents/folders created and also these documents and folders aren’t obvious on Finder. Everything you want to do is easy:

  1. Start Terminal
  2. Type compact disk /Users/<consumer_name>/Library
  3. Type ls an find out if VirtualBox directory will there be (should be)
  4. rm -rf VirtualBox

You now should get the free space you deserve