How to Uninstall Python on Mac

Python is a trusted high-level program writing language for general-purpose coding. Python for Apple pc provides constructs designed to permit writing clear programs on both a tiny and large size, allowing programmers expressing principles in fewer lines of code on macOS. Generally, this software ships with the typical IDLE development environment, the Launcher that deals with Python scripts, and the Build Applet tool that help offer Python scripts as standalone programs on Mac.

Delete Python to the Trash

  1. Start the Finder, and select Applications in the sidebar to demand folder.
  2. Locate and choose Python, then move the icon to the Garbage and drop it there.
  3. Right click on the Garbage icon and choose Clear Trash to execute the uninstall.

Notice: Be mindful when you perform the previous step. Emptying the Garbage will instantly remove all the documents you’ve thrown in to the Trash, which procedure is irrevocable. Be sure you removed the right things, and before emptying the Garbage, you can still rebuild that by right simply clicking it there and choosing the Put Back again option.

Besides, you can uninstall an software like this:

  1. right click on the software and choose Proceed to Garbage option;
  2. choose the app, and check out Data file menu → Proceed to Trash option.

Read this quick step-by-step instruction to truly have a general knowledge of how to remove Python on masOS Sierra and High Sierra:

  1. Turn off your Apple computer.
  2. Clean the screen with a zoom lens cleaner or napkin.
  3. Activate your MacBook. You might see no sense in the last step, but ultimately, you will need to do an exterior cleaning as well.
  4. Launch Terminal.
  5. To take action, go to Finder in the Dock. Click Go. Select the Resources Double-click Terminal.
  6. The choice option is to use Spotlight. Did you see a magnifier in the upper-right part? Command+space can do the same. Enter Terminal in the search field to allow it show up.
  7. Enter “sudo.” Allow it know who the employer is.
  8. Enter “caffeinate” to avoid the target Apple pc from sleeping.
  9. It’s time to find that Python 3 programming dialect/app. Look out: the tiniest typo in the code can lead to irreversible

The drag-to-delete method works in every versions of Apple pc Operating-system X. Once installed properly, most programs can be easily uninstalled by doing so, though it might not exactly applicable for some built-in apps. If you neglect to move an iphone app to the Garbage, try to find the application icon, contain the Option key, and choose Clear Garbage from the Finder menu.

Completely Remove Python from Terminal

In the event that you installed the sooner version of Python, you may take this technique to uninstall it from your Apple pc. First start the Terminal, and insight the following order lines:

  1. Basically, all you have to to do is the next:
  2. Take away the third-party Python 2.7 framework
  3. sudo rm -rf /Collection/Frameworks/Python.platform/Versions/2.7
  4. Take away the Python 2.7 applications directory
  5. sudo rm -rf "/Applications/Python 2.7"
  6. Take away the symbolic links in /usr/local/bin that time to the Python version see ls -l /usr/local/bin | grep ‘../Catalogue/Frameworks/Python.platform/Versions/2.7’ and then run the next command to eliminate all the links:
  7. cd /usr/local/bin/
    ls -l /usr/local/bin | grep ' /Collection/Frameworks/' | awk 'print $9' | tr -d @ | xargs rm

This program is not suggested for Mac novices to look at, especially for many who are not really acquainted with Terminal command. When you have tried these ways to uninstall Python but nonetheless are unsuccessful, you’d better use a specialist tool to take care of this task.