How to uninstall Microsoft Office from Mac manually

To uninstall Office 2016 for Mac, move the applications and user inclination files to the Trash. Once you’ve evacuated everything, exhaust the Trash and restart your Mac to finish the procedure. You can likewise play out an entire uninstall for Office 2016 for Mac on the off chance that you are investigating an issue.

You should be marked in as an overseer on the mac or give a chairman name and secret key to finish these means.

  1. Close the app. It could be effectively done by means of Dock board or Force Quit Applications window ( hold ⌘+ Option + ESC)
  2. Evacuate the entire MS Office set from Applications folder (normally all the apps are in one regular folder).
  3. Purge the Trash.
  4. At this progression, a large portion of the users surmise that Office has been erased totally. In any case, we have awful news for you. Some apps’ scraps still stay in concealed folders like the ones underneath.
  5. Erase remaining files in the accompanying areas:





In the accompanying areas look for Microsoft or Office files

~Library/Application Support




~Users/[user name=””][/user]/Library/Application Support

~Library/Fonts (in the event that you would prefer not to spare them)

~Library/Internet Plug-Ins (erase “SharePointBrowserPlugin.plugin” and “SharePointWebKitPlugin.webplugin”)

All of these folders are covered up as a matter of course. To discover them show shrouded files and folders.

Or on the other hand go specifically to the coveted folder by squeezing an alternate route (⌘+Shft+G) and replicating the registry there.

Delete Microsoft Word 2016 in the Launchpad

  1. Tap the Launchpad symbol on the Dock, and sort Microsoft Word in the inquiry box.
  2. Hang on Microsoft Word symbol until the point when the symbol starts to squirm and demonstrates the “X” .
  3. Tap the “X” in the left best corner to expel Microsoft Word 2016 from that point.
  4. Along these lines works for the apps which are downloaded and introduced by means of the App Store. When you tap the X symbol, the app will be uninstalled right away from your Mac.
  5. Move Microsoft Word 2016 to the Trash
  6. Open the Finder and make a beeline for the Applications folder on the left board.
  7. Select and drag the symbol of Microsoft Word 2016 to the Trash in the dock.
  8. Right tap the Trash symbol on the dock, and pick Empty Trash alternative.
  9. Likewise, you can uninstall an app by these alternatives: right tap on the app symbol > pick Move to Trash; select the app > tap on File menu > pick Move to Trash.

Notice: the demonstration of discharging the Trash is permanent, and everything in the Trash will be erased instantly, so be careful when you are purging your Trash.

The drag-and-drop move is the all inclusive strategy to uninstall apps in all variants of Mac OS X. For the most part, the app you pick have been removd from locate, yet to play out the uninstall you should exhaust the Trash. In the event that you neglect to move the app to the junk, attempt to reboot your Mac into Safe Mode and rehash the means.