How to Uninstall MAMP From Mac

MAMP can be an open-source software pack used to perform dynamic sites on Mac Operating-system computers. Do not know how to eliminate this Mac app from your Apple pc? If you want to uninstall MAMP (PRO) without inconvenience, go through this post learn the correct steps.

Below are a few problems Apple pc users may face when neglect to remove MAMP:

  • MAMP can’t be erased to the Garbage since it is open;
  • Uninstalling MAMP won’t undo the changes created by the installation;
  • Remnants regarding MAMP are ambiguous to find or hard to erase

To troubleshoot the issues, we will commence the talk in four aspects, to enable you to have a thorough, proper knowledge of software uninstallation on Mac pc.

How to proceed before Uninstalling an App?

This is a basic step if you wish to uninstall an software on Macintosh: giving up the software before moving it to the Garbage. If the software still works on the background, you will not have the ability to remove this software from one’s body. Some users may have no idea how to totally eliminate related process(es) and for that reason face the first problem we mentioned previously.

Typically, there are three options to give up a target app (and its own background process):

  1. Right select its icon on the Dock, and choose the Quit option;
  2. Click the app icon (if is available) in the Menu Club, and choose Quit [app name];
  3. Launch Activity Keep an eye on, select the request and its own process(es) in the Drive tab, click on the X button on the top left place, and click (Drive) Quit in the pop-up dialog.

Still neglect to shut down obstinate or destructive apps? You may reboot your Mac pc into Safe Method to avoid the automated introduction, and then perform the uninstall normally.

After shutting down the software you want to uninstall, you can check out delete this software from the Applications folder, and then remove its leftovers from all of your system.

Manually Remove MAMP PRO

  1. Check out the Resources sub-folder in the Applications record folder.
  2. Run the experience Monitor. Track down the software and make a note of (duplicate & paste) all the “End result information” associated with MAMP Expert for Mac.
  3. Check your own Dock menu in the bottom of your display. Quit the app manually.
  4. To uninstall the MAMP Expert for Macintosh, use the MAMP PRO uninstaller, that ought to be positioned in the /Applications/MAMP PRO folder.

Note: you will need to enter in your Mac pc system passphrase effectively.

Discovering & clearing up MAMP-related leftovers & components after rebooting your Macintosh.