How to Completely Remove LogMeIn From Mac

LogMeIn handy remote control software can’t be removed without traces by simply eliminating the .app icon/folder from the application form directory as if you i did so with nearly all software (it’ll leave the finder holder icon, will strive to get started on on shoe, etc.).

There is a fairly easy way using the uninstaller script to do this task.

So here’s how to wipe out log me in completely and take it off from your Macintosh if so long as have the iphone app file installed:

  1. First off you may want to force quit this program whether it’s in your menu club but not participating in nice.
  2. You could run Activity Keep an eye on, go for ‘logmein’ and wipe out it with the X at higher still left, then do the same with ‘LogMeIn Menubar’
  3. Now get into your HD / Collection (not the catalogue in your customer folder, however the one in the main of Macintosh HD)
  4. Now delete whatever you find with the name ‘LogMeIn’, this is going to be two folders: ‘LogMeIn’ and ‘LogMeIn Plugin’.
  5. Almost there, simply a few more places to completely clean up!

There are always a handful of subfolders you will need to consider in the Library folder, so scroll down and first find the folder tagged ‘LaunchAgents’

For the reason that folder delete exactly what says ‘logmein’ And just underneath that folder you should find ‘LaunchDaemon’, go within and destroy everything with the special words in it:

  • That may keep it from endeavoring to bunch at the next reboot.
  • Having a great time yet? Now, you want to go in to the OTHER collection (the main one in your end user folder)
  • Which means this will be ‘Macintosh HD → Users → [username] → Library’
  • In there go in to the ‘Personal preferences’ sub folder and delete ‘com.logmein.Toolkit.plist’

Yet another! Now go in to the user catalogue sub folder ‘Saved Program Express’ and delete ‘com.logmein.Toolkit.savedState’

And if you are considering uninstalling LogMeIn and haven’t removed the App yet, save some inconvenience and do it just how they cause you to, run the control -panel application in the application form folder and proceed through their uninstall process.

If you wish to Uninstall LogMeIn on Macintosh OS manually, you need to understand the difference between ,,remove” and ,,uninstall”.

Removal means which you pull the icon to trash. Sadly, but that isn’t the solution. In so doing, you might leave plenty of documents that are related to the program, what means that you can’t use the iphone app any further, but it continues to be using machine’s resources and working some operations. To uninstall LogMeIn and other software on Macintosh personal computer means you need to look over different folders and erase everything that relates to the program you no longer require.

Thus, to be able to reduce LogMeIn completely, you should impletent two steps:


Uninstall LogMeIn Leftovers

Furthermore, you have to check on other folders and find all additional documents that may participate in LogMeIn program. Start looking at with these folders:

/Library/Software Support/
/Library/ Tastes/

Delete LogMeIn Account

Keep in mind: Use your web browser because of this action.
Important: While you delete some type of computer, all associated current and historical data is entirely lost.

  1. Head to
  2. Get on your account making use of your LogMeIn Identification (email) and security password.
  3. The Computers webpage is displayed.
  4. To delete an individual computer:
  5. On the Computer systems web page, click Properties. The Number Properties site is displayed.
  6. In the bottom of the Variety Properties web page (General Settings tabs), click Delete this computer.
  7. The computer is taken off your list. The sponsor software remains using the pc. There is nothing uninstalled.
  8. To erase multiple computer systems:
  9. On the Pcs webpage, change the computer view to Fine detail View.
  10. Click on the checkbox for each and every computer you want to erase.
  11. Click on the Delete icon above the computer list and confirm deletion.

The computer systems are taken off your list. The variety software remains on each computer. There is nothing uninstalled.