Uninstall Kodi from Mac Manually

Kodi is a free intense media player for Mac and Apple TV. Be that as it may, it takes up a critical space on your disk. On the off chance that you need free memory space, you may need to tidy up your Mac. Uninstalling some applications totally, including Kodi, is one of the approaches to free up HD memory. It ought to be specified that Kodi is another variant of the XBMC application, which had a rebranding previously. In one of our past articles, we disclosed how to uninstall XBMC from Mac. Today we might want to observe the new form of the program and reveal to you how to totally and accurately expel Kodi.

Kodi (was alluded to as XBMC ), is unquestionably an open-source (GPL ) programming media player and excitement center point for Mac OS X, it enables the client to play and view videos, music, alongside other computerized media files, individuals can deal with the greater part of the interactive media from its interface. It’s a well known MP3 and Audio application that generally installed by most people groups, in this way the reasons towards the dangerous program expulsion are different as a result of an assortment of circumstances for varying individuals.

Go to Application folder in the Finder and move Kodi application to Trash with a setting menu.Presently expel all administration files that the application has left on your hard drive. For this, go to the concealed Library folder and check the accompanying subfolders for the application’s scraps:

  • ~/Library/Application Support/
  • ~/Library/Caches/Logs/
  • ~/Library/LaunchAgents/
  • ~/Library/LaunchDaemons/

Note, now and again applications downloaded and installed that were not from the App Store may store their administration files riotously in different indexes. For instance, we looked through Kodi’s administration files with a free application Show Hidden Files and discovered a few files in a startling subfolder. Investigate the screenshot and find Kodi’s administration file situated in the accompanying catalog. At the point when expel a program along these lines, individuals need to trash the program bundle, and physically scan for its related files, and delete every one of them on the Mac.

Ensure the Kodi program isn’t running on your Apple computer right now; on the off chance that you are as yet propelling this application, you ought to initially leave it

  • Tap on the Finder on the DOCK
  • Snap Applications on the left sheet, and find the Kodi on the Applications folder
  • Find the Kodi program, and drag the symbol to the Trash
  • Right tap on the Trash, and select Empty Trash
  • Tap on Go on the best menu, and select Go to folder…
  • Sort “~/library/” in the container, and hit the Return key

Snap to open the Application folder, Caches, Receipts, and Preferences one by one, and delete those files and folders with Kodi or the merchant’s name.

Common issues with the Kodi Removal

  • Can’t delete the whole database of the application, and cause the Mac PC dependably get a few mistakes or warnings
  • Can’t find or evacuate its root registry.
  • Can’t delete the extra reserve when expel Kodi
  • Don’t know how to uninstall Kodi on Mac PC

Do you get these issues while expelling the program on your Mac? They would influence you to disturb or get some different issues on the Macs. So perhaps you have to take in a way which can enable you to evacuate this program viably on your MacBook or iMac.

OS X gives a manual method to individuals erasing the unneeded file or application on the Mac, and individuals likewise can choose to apply a uninstall instrument to evacuate the program. So I might want to present these two courses in subtle elements and help you uninstall Kodi from your Mac.

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