How to Uninstall Google Drive from Mac

At that point you can stop Google Drive by choosing Google Drive → Quit Google Drive from the best bar. Also you can dispatch Activity Monitor to check whether any procedure identified with Google Drive is running on the foundation, and quit the procedure there. In the event that the app remains in Dock, right snap it and pick Options → Remove from Dock.

Presently you can begin the uninstall. For the most part you can uninstall an app by destroying it in/Applications, however in the event that you incline toward an one-stop arrangement, attempt the accompanying alternative first.

Log Out from your Google account

To quit syncing totally, you can sign out of your record.

  • On your Mac, click Backup and Sync Backup and Sync.
  • Snap More and after that Preferences.
  • Snap Settings.
  • Snap Disconnect account.
  • Snap Disconnect.

Pause or resume Backup and Sync

To briefly quit syncing, you can pause the app.

  • On your MacBook or iMac, click Backup and Sync Backup and Sync.
  • Snap More.
  • Snap Pause or Resume.

How to Manually Remove Google Drive from Mac?

On the off chance that you were endeavoring to waste Google Drive application by a straightforward drag and drop, in all likelihood you have seen this message:

To delete Google Chrome, you need to Disconnect your account (mantioned above how to do this)

Presently you can without much of a stretch quit the app. To uninstall the app totally you ought to likewise evacuate a few folders. Some of them are in shrouded folders, to get to them you can use ⌘+⇧+G easy route or simply turn on concealed things perceivability with our freeware app Funter.

  • Macintosh HD > Users > [current user=””][/current] > ~Library > Application Support > Google > Drive
  • Macintosh HD > Users > [current user=””][/current] > ~Library > Caches >
  • Macintosh HD > Users > [current user=””][/current] > ~Library > Group Containers > google_drive
  • Macintosh HD > Users > [current user=””][/current] > ~Library > Preferences >
  • Macintosh HD > Users > [current user=””][/current] > ~Library > Cookies >

Next, erase the folder with your files on the off chance that you needn’t bother with them any longer.

  • Macintosh HD > Users > [current user=””][/current] > Google Drive

At long last, erase Google Drive from Applications folder.

Uninstall Google Drive from Launchpad

On the off chance that you have introduced Google Drive through Mac App Store, you can take thusly:

  • Open Launchpad, and sort Google Drive in the hunt box at the best.
  • Hang on Google Drive with your mouse until the point that the symbol starts to squirm and show X. Elective, you can press and hold ALT key until all apps begin to shake.
  • Tap the X in the left best corner, and afterward click Delete in the fly up discourse.
  • Presently you ought to proceed with erasing Google Drive-related leftovers on your Mac.
  • use Search highlight to erase app remains

Fragmented uninstall is one of the issues that irritated Mac users. To really expel Google Drive without follow left, you can manually recognize its parts staying on the framework indexes, or run any Uninstaller app (like AppCleaner or AppTrap) to deal with the activity easily.

  • Take after the guidelines beneath to expel things having a place with Google Drive:
  • Open up Finder, tap the Go from the Menu Bar, pick the passage: |Go to Folder.
  • Enter the accompanying way: ~/Library and hit Enter key to open up the folder.
  • Sort Google Drive in the inquiry box, and snap ‘Library’ underneath the bar.
  • Distinguish the coordinated things, right tap on them and pick Move to Trash.
  • Rehash the means to identify and erase related part in the Library folder.
  • Exhaust the Trash again to for all time dispose of those garbage files and folders.

By and large, you can search for Google Drive parts in these folders:

  • ~/Library/Caches,
  • ~/Library/Preferences,
  • ~/Library/ApplicationSupport,
  • ~/Library/Saved Applications State,
  • ~/Library/LaunchAgents,
  • ~/Library/LaunchDaemons,
  • ~/Library/PreferencePanes,
  • ~/Library/StartupItems

Warming: you ought to be extremely wary while erasing app remnants in these catalogs. Just erase the things that contains Google Drive. On the off chance that different apps or framework files are erased erroneously, those influenced apps or even the framework couldn’t work ordinarily.

With the goal that’s the manner by which you can uninstall Google Drive and expel its stiff-necked segments from your Mac. Much of the time the manual strategy works for outsider apps introduced legitimately, however in the event that it falls flat you, you can swing to third-paty apps for help.

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