How Do I Uninstall Google Chrome on Mac?

As a standout amongst the most prominent web browsers these days, Google Chrome additionally offered the Mac version, and it has snatched a specific bit available. Chrome for Mac is a lightweight, quick browser with numerous expansions included, however there are still circumstances when Mac clients choose to uninstall it. They may need to totally uninstall Chrome so to reinstall it effectively, or they simply need to change to another browser.

To completely dispose of Chrome you should uninstall it from the Applications folder yet additionally delete all Chrome-related information including individual data, treats, expansions, and so forth. So how to uninstall Chrome for Mac consummately? Here we offer two methodologies for your reference. You can choose the one you jump at the chance to begin

Delete Google Chrome Completely from Mac

  • Stop Google Chrome

A few clients can’t uninstall the Chrome and go over this mistake message “Please close all Google Chrome windows and attempt once more”. It may be the case that the Chrome is as yet running out of sight. In this way, you ought to stop the browser before uninstalling it. In the Dock, right-click Chrome:

  • Select Quit.
  • In the event that the Chrome is slammed or solidified, you can compel quit it in Activity Monitor:
  • Open Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor;
  • Find the Chrome procedures and snap X to stop the procedures.

Delete Google Chrome

Go to Applications folder and find Google Chrome. At that point you can drag it to the Trash or right snap to choose “Move to Trash”.

Delete Related Files

Sometimes, the Chrome demonstrations abnormal on account of adulterated application files. In this manner, it is basic to delete related files of the Chrome: At the highest point of the screen, click Go > Go to Folder. Enter ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrometo open the folder of Chrome;

Move the folder to Trash.

Note: The Chrome folder in Library contains data about bookmarks and perusing history of the browser. If you don’t mind make a reinforcement of the data that you require before erasing the application files.

  • Restart your Mac before reinstalling Google Chrome.
  • At the base of your PC screen, in your Dock, right-click Chrome.
  • Select Quit.
  • Open Finder.
  • Go to the folder containing the Google Chrome application on your PC.

Tip: It might be in your Applications folder. If not, go to File and afterward Find, and look for “Google Chrome.”

  • Drag Google Chrome to the Trash.
  • Discretionary: Delete your profile data, similar to bookmarks and history:
  • At the highest point of the screen, click Go and after that Go to Folder.
  • Enter ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome.
  • Snap Go.
  • Select every one of the folders, and drag them to the Trash.