How to Uninstall Elmedia Player on Mac

When there’s a need to uninstall Elmedia Player on your Macintosh computer, do you consider it is merely simple or a hard process for you? Differing people can provide different response to this question, but it’s true that some problems always are present and trouble you to eliminate this software under the Operating-system X.

Elmedia Player can be an (MP3 & Audio tracks Software) software on Mac that always can be installed easily and properly using the pc, however, many times you might uninstall Elmedia Player for a few reasons, such as:

  • It isn’t useful on your Mac
  • Application can not work properly following the installation
  • Elmedia Player decreases your personal computer performance
  • App occupies way too many space of your computer’s hard disk drive
  • Elmedia Player should be re-installed on the PC

Completely remove Elmedia Player Using Finder

To Manually uninstall Elmedia Player & all associated files

  • Start the experience monitor to consider the processes working, if you discover the Elmedia Player software process working then stop it, ensure that Elmedia Player techniques is not jogging.
  • Start finder to consider the Elmedia Player name.
  • Looking “Elmedia Player” vs “Details”
  • Delete all documents and folders related to the Elmedia Player app.
  • A reboot might be essential to completely remove some apps.

Delete Elmedia Player with ninstaller

To uninstall Elmedia Player, follow these instructions:

  • Download the special uninstaller
  • Feel the installation procedure for the Uninstaller. Click “Continue” button in the invoked windowpane:
  • Select the vacation spot way for Elmedia Player Uninstaller, then click “Continue” button:
  • Click “Install” to execute installing Elmedia Player Uninstaller. To improve the destination journey for Elmedia Player Uninstaller click “Change Install Location”:
  • To set up Elmedia Player Uninstaller your administrator security password is necessary. Enter your administrator security password in the invoked screen and click “Fine” to keep.
  • You will notice progress bar demonstrating the assembly process:
  • After Elmedia Player Uninstaller is effectively installed, click “Close” button

That’s it. Elmedia Player uninstallation has ended. You certainly do not need to reboot your Apple pc.

Uninstall Elmedia Player From Terminal

The uninstaller doesn’t set up anything. It just works a script touninstall the Elmedia Player and related data files.

Listed below are the directions it operates:

  • killall -TERM Elmedia\ Player
  • /bin/launchctl unload
  • /sbin/kextunload /System/Collection/Extensions/ElmediaPlayer.kext
  • sudo /bin/rm -f
  • sudo /bin/rm -f -R /Collection/Application\ Support/ElmediaPlayer/empdaemon
  • sudo /bin/rm -f -R /System/Catalogue/Extensions/ElmediaPlayer.kext
  • sudo /bin/rm -f -R /Applications/Elmedia\