How to Uninstall NVidia Cuda on Mac

When you have installed CUDA, and then find it fails, you might take away the software. There is absolutely no “uninstall” boring from Nvidia, nonetheless they kindly offered me the set of what to remove: Remember that these instructions make reference to the HDD:System/Library directory site, and the HDD:Library website directory, but you’ll see them all: (where HDD = name of one’s body disk)

Remove Cuda Drivers From Terminal

Open the Terminal. Running just:

sudo /usr/bin/

should be adequate to uninstall any version of NVidia’s CUDA drivers, but it fails (there is no such file in any way)!
So, I experienced the next steps semi-manually to eliminate it efficiently:

sudo /Builder/NVIDIA/CUDA-8.0/bin/
sudo /Programmer/NVIDIA/CUDA-9.0/bin/
sudo rm -rf /System/Catalogue/Extensions/CUDA.kext
sudo rm -rf /Collection/Frameworks/CUDA.framework
sudo rm -rf /Collection/LaunchAgents/com.nvidia.CUDASoftwareUpdate.plist
sudo rm -rf /Collection/PreferencePanes/CUDA/Preferences.prefPane
sudo rm -rf /System/Library/StartupItems/CUDA
sudo rm -rf /Builder/NVIDIA/CUDA*
sudo rm -rf /usr/local/cuda

Restart one’s body and “right-click” and take away the CUDA desire icon in the machine control app.

Delete NVIDIA CUDA  in the Launchpad

  • Start Launchpad, and type NVIDIA CUDA in the search pack at the top.
  • Click and maintain NVIDIA CUDA icon with your mouse button until it begins to wiggle.
  • Then click on the “X” that looks on the kept upper part of  CUDA to execute the uninstall.

This tap-and-hold method does apply for the software installed through the App Store, and it needs OS X lion or later. Once you click on the X icon, the uninstallation of NVIDIA CUDA  will be dealt with immediately, and you don’t have to bare the Trash later on. In this manner cannot uninstall built-in software as well.