How to Uninstall CrashPlan Mac

Before playing out a uninstall and reinstall, take a stab at clearing the reserve first. Frequently, this fixes issues and is faster than uninstalling and reinstalling.

You should uninstall the CrashPlan app before reinstalling; ensure you finish every one of the means to uninstall CrashPlan before reinstalling it.

  • To open CrashPlan use the Terminal app and the accompanying summons:
  • 1) sudo chflags nouchg/Applications/
  • Sort your watchword and snap Enter. At that point enter this summon:
  • 2) sudo chflags noschg/Applications/
  • After this, you can undoubtedly uninstall CrashPlan from your Mac.

Uninstall CrashPlan manually

Take after these means:

  • Unblock CrashPlan (as we have depicted previously) to prevent error the operation can’t be completed because the item “crashplan” is locked.
  • Stop CrashPlan Application.

Erase the following framework files:

  • Macintosh HD > Users > [current user=””][/current] > ~Library > Saved Application State > com.backup42.desktop.savedState
  • Macintosh HD > Users > [current user=””][/current] > ~Library > Caches > com.backup42.desktop
  • Macintosh HD > Users > [current user=””][/current] > ~Library > Saved Application State > com.backup42.desktop
  • Macintosh HD > Users > [current user=””][/current] > ~Library > Preferences > com.backup42.desktop.plist
  • Macintosh HD > Users > [current user=””][/current] > ~Library > Logs > Crashplan

Erase CrashPlan from the Applications folder.

Presently, you need to mount the application from its disk picture. On the off chance that you tap on it, you’ll find uninstall file.

Standard uninstall from finder

A standard uninstall leaves a little measure of data on your gadget so CrashPlan can recall your gadget when you reinstall.

  • Open the Finder.
  • Press Command-Shift-G
  • A discourse box appears: Go to the folder.
  • Glue this content into the discourse box:
  • Introduced for everybody:/Library/Application Support/CrashPlan/
  • Introduced per user: ~/Library/Application Support/CrashPlan/
  • Snap Go.
  • Double tap Uninstall.
  • Take after the prompts to finish the uninstall procedure.

Remove CrashPlan app using the Trash

Above all else, make a point to sign into your Mac with an overseer record, or you will be requested a secret key when you attempt to erase something.

Open the Applications folder in the Finder (on the off chance that it doesn’t appear in the sidebar, go to the Menu Bar, open the “Go” menu, and select Applications in the rundown), scan for CrashPlan application by composing its name in the pursuit field, and after that drag it to the Trash (in the dock) to start the uninstall procedure. Then again you can likewise tap on the CrashPlan symbol/folder and move it to the Trash by squeezing Cmd + Del or picking the File and Move to Trash summons.

For the applications that are introduced from the App Store, you can essentially go to the Launchpad, scan for the application, snap and hold its symbol with your mouse catch (or hold down the Option key), at that point the symbol will squirm and demonstrate the “X” in its left upper corner. Tap the “X” and snap Delete in the affirmation exchange. Purge the Trash to completely expel CrashPlan

In the event that you are resolved to erase CrashPlan for all time, the exact opposite thing you have to do is discharging the Trash. To totally exhaust your junk can, you can right tap on the Trash in the dock and pick Empty Trash, or basically pick Empty Trash under the Finder menu (Notice: you can not fix this demonstration, so ensure that you haven’t erroneously erased anything before doing this demonstration. On the off chance that you alter your opinion, before purging the Trash, you can right tap on the things in the Trash and pick Put Back in the rundown). In the event that you can’t unfilled the Trash, reboot your Mac.

Delete CrashPlan account

You can expel a PC from any CrashPlan app marked into your record. To evacuate a Mac:

  • Open the CrashPlan app on any PC for you.
  • You don’t need to use the CrashPlan app from the PC that you need to expel.
  • Go to Destinations > Computers.
  • From the rundown of your PCs, select the PC you’d get a kick out of the chance to expel.
  • The content (this one) distinguishes the PC you are as of now using.
  • Snap Deactivate Computer.