How to Get Rid of Chromium Browser Completely

Chromium is a kind of browser that fully starts its source code on Internet. Yahoo Chromium is a much better and more complex web browser bottom part on it. There is absolutely no much difference between Chromium and Chromium aside from some understated distinctions like the icon and auto-update feature, therefore the Chromium browser is safe itself, and it’ll not install on your pc system without your authorization.

However, some criminals can make use of the wide open source code to produce fake Chromium web browser and mislead Internet surfers into putting in it on the Computers. See its basic information in the stand below.

How does rogue Chromium web browser install on my computer?

Most dubious Chromium-based web browsers are distributed by using a deceptive software marketing method called ‘bundling’ – stealth installing additional programs with regular software/apps. Research demonstrates many users do not be expectant of possibly unwanted programs to be hidden within the ‘Custom’ or ‘Advanced’ adjustments. They dash the download and set up processes, miss most/all steps, and frequently inadvertently install rogue applications.
How to prevent installation of possibly unwanted applications?

Possibly unwanted programs are usually covered within the ‘Custom’ or ‘Advanced’ adjustments. Therefore, only by paying close attention and inspecting each step of the program download and set up processes, are you considering in a position to protect one’s body from adware-type attacks. Bundled software is mainly rogue and, therefore, you must never recognize any offers to set up alternative party programs.

How to Uninstall Chromium on Mac manually

Quit Chromium and close all operations that could be related to the web browser and run in the backdrop.

Move to Finder → Applications Folder → delete Chromium (select Proceed to the Garbage option in the context menu).

Now you have to remove its leftovers. You may know that whenever you move applications to the Garbage, almost all their service data still stick to your Apple pc. So here’s how to find these worthless space-eaters.

  • Start Finder → go to Menu and click Go
  • choose Go to Folder
  • type ~/Library → click Go.
  • Find out more methods for getting to Catalogue Folder quickly.

How to Remove Chromium virus leftovers

Check the next subfolders for Chromium browser service documents:

~Library/Program Support/Chromium



You need to follow these steps every time you need to uninstall an software on Apple pc. However, there’s a faster and easier way to uninstall apps. You can certainly do it in only one click by making use of a particular software.