How to Uninstall Box Sync on Mac

Before uninstalling Box Sync, please make certain to stop the application from the menu in the taskbar.

If you don’t mind note: Following the underneath steps will erase content contained in the Box Sync envelope. In the event that you have content you might want moved down, consider replicating the substance inside Box Sync and sparing them somewhere else on your hard drive.

Take after the means on the most proficient method to uninstall Box synchronize in Mac.

When Box Sync 4.0 is introduced, start synchronizing your documents and envelopes. To synchronize an organizer from the Box site, take after this strategy:

  • Tap the More Options dropdown bolt for the required thing.
  • Select Sync Folder to Computer.
  • Tap the Sync Folder catch to start adjusting this thing to your PC or Mac.

Once an envelope is matched up in the Box site, you can add different records and organizers to your nearby Box Sync organizer and those options are consequently synchronized back to the Box site.

Remove Box Sync in Finder

For clients on Mac OS X 10.10+, open System Preferences → Extensions. Snap Finder in the left-hand board and unselect Box Sync Finder Extension. Erase Box Sync from your Applications envelope.

Erase the accompanying envelopes and records:

  • Mac HD/Users/[username]/Library/Logs/Box/Box Sync/
  • Mac HD/Users/[username]/Box Sync/
  • Mac HD/Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Box/Box Sync/
  • Mac HD/Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/
  • Mac HD/Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/

Erase the Box Sync secret key things in Keychain. Open Keychain Access from Applications → Utilities. Tap on login under Keychains in the upper left. At that point tap on Passwords under Category. Discover the Box Sync things and select Delete “Box Sync” in the right-click menu.

Delete Box Sync Leftovers

On the off chance that Box Sync is as of now running, you will see a b in the upper right hand corner

  • Tap on the b and select Quit
  • Tap on your experience of your PC
  • Tap on the “Go” in the upper left hand toolbar
  • Tap on Home
  • Change the title of “Box Sync” to “Box Sync (OLD)”
  • Move the Box Sync (OLD) envelope to your Desktop
  • Close the window
  • Explore to the Library envelope in your User profile Click on the “Go” in the upper left hand toolbar Hold the Alt/Option key on your console and select Library’]}
  • In the library envelope, erase the things underneath: Macintosh HD/Users/[username]/Library/Logs/Box/Box Sync/Macintosh HD/Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Box/Box Sync/
  • Explore to your HD library Click the amplifying glass in your upper right corner of the screen In the Spotlight Search, type “HD” Select “Macintosh HD” Click “Library”
  • Erase these things in this library: Macintosh HD/Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/ Macintosh HD/Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/
  • Close this discoverer window

Script to Uninstall Box Sync


#Set the variable for the currently logged in user
loggedInUser=`/bin/ls -l /dev/console | /usr/bin/awk '{ print $3 }'`

#Quit Box Sync
killall "Box Sync"

#Copy old user data. Change cp to mv if you prefer to move it
cp "/Users/$loggedInUser/Box Sync" "/Users/$loggedInUser/Desktop/Box Sync (OLD)"

# Remove old Box Sync application data
rm -rf "/Applications/Box"

rm -rf "/Users/$loggedInUser/Library/Logs/Box/Box Sync/"

rm -rf "/users/$loggedInUser/Library/Application Support/Box/Box Sync/"

rm -rf "/Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/"

rm -rf "/Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/"