How to Uninstall Atom on Mac

Delete Atom icon to the Trash

This drag-to-erase strategy works in each variant of Macintosh PC Operating-framework X. Most outsider projects can be easily uninstalled thusly, by the by, you can’t delete worked in applications utilizing this strategy. Some product introduced utilizing the Apple pc program installer will quick you for a security secret word when you attempt to move it to the Garbage. In any case you can not move Atom to the Garbage or empty the Garbage, have a go at holding the decision key as you select Empty Garbage from the Finder menu, or reboot your Mac pc and look at it again later.

  • Start the Finder, click Applications on the kept area, and then choose Atom.
  • Pull Atom to the Garbage (or right select it and then choose Move to Garbage option).
  • Right click on the Trash icon and choose Empty Garbage option to get started on the uninstall.

Warming: It’s imperative to show that, discharging the Garbage will right away clean up Atom and furthermore different records you’ve hurled into the Garbage, and that capacity is unalterable, so make certain to haven’t erroneously eradicated anything before purging the Garbage. In the event that you change your mind and wanna fix the cancellation of programming or records, superbly tap on the thing in the Garbage and pick Put Back alternative.

Remove Atom Leftovers Manually

In any case, I accept destroying the application, disposing of ~/.iota and ~/Collection/Preferences/com.github.atom.plist ought to deal with the records.

Disposing of the main you must be accomplished by means of the Terminal, simply type rm – r ~/.particle. For the following one you may utilize the Finder, simply utilize Go – > Head to Folder from the menubar, at that point compose ~/Catalog/Preferences there to look at the information record and delete it.

For the summon line apparatuses, they are truly introduced by and by means of the menubar (Atom – > Install Shell Orders). I’d accept there can be a uninstall control there, yet I haven’t introduced them up to now so I have no clue without a doubt.

So, up to now it appears that in order to totally uninstall Atom, we must:

  • delete the software from the Applications folder
  • delete the unseen .atom listing from the house folder
  • erase the /usr/local/bin/atom tool
  • erase the /usr/local/bin/apm tool
  • erase the ~/Catalogue/Preferences/com.github.atom.plist file