Clean Uninstall 1Password for Mac

1Password for Macintosh personal computer is a famous security password management tool used to store users’ private information with strong encryption. You may install this software easily on your Mac computer, but when you can find caught in troubles when seeking to uninstall 1Password:

  1. 1Password can’t be changed to the Garbage since it is used;
  2. Error message arises when try to uninstall 1Password (the procedure can not be completed because a number of required items can not be found).
  3. The 1Password minuscule cannot be taken off the Menu Club.
  4. 1Password leaves some traces on one’s body after a typical uninstall

Do not know how to deal with those uninstall issues? In this article we will highlight the correct steps to uninstall 1Password for Mac pc. Read on for more information.

Preparation: list of positive actions prior to the uninstall?

Remember that if 1Password happens to be running, firstly ensure that you quit this software before you perform the typical uninstall. You may have three options to give up 1Password :

  • Right select 1Password icon in Dock and choose Quit.
  • In 1Password, press Command-Control-Q to give up the existing app.
  • ¬†Launch Activity Keep an eye on, choose any process filled with 1Password under the procedure Name, then click X on top of the left spot, and click Quit button.

Besides, you may want to uncheck the choice ‘Always keep 1Password Little working’ from the 1Password > Personal preferences > Basic, to deactivate 1Password Little.

After doing these steps, you can check out the typical uninstallation of 1Password.

Uninstall 1Password Manually

Please be aware, if you are also heading to erase your 1Password bill, we advise that before diving in to the steps to uninstall the app, you save your valuable passwords and other important data, you stored in 1Password.

  1. Take away the application’s executable item from the Applications folder to the Garbage.
  2. Now you will need to visit the machine Library folder. Within the Finder windows, press the Command line+Shift+G key shortcut and type ~/Catalogue. Click on the Go button.
  3. Within the Library folder, you will see the subfolders, where in fact the 1Password software leftovers are stored. Check the next directories to them and take away the documents that are forget about needed.

~/Library/Request Support/

Remove 1Password extension

Learn how to eliminate the 1Password expansion from your Apple pc or Windows Laptop or computer.

Delete 1Password data from iCloud

Once you remove your 1Password data from iCloud, the info will stay in 1Password on other devices you sync with iCloud. Syncing will be impaired on those devices.

  • On your Macintosh personal computer:
  • From Apple menu in the most notable left nook of the display screen, choose System Personal preferences.
  • Click on the iCloud icon, then click Manage.
  • In the kept sidebar, go for 1Password and click Delete Documents and Data.

How To Remove 1Password data from Dropbox

While you remove your 1Password data from Dropbox, the info may be erased from 1Password on other devices you sync with Dropbox.

  1. Start your Dropbox folder on your Macintosh or Windows Laptop or computer, or start the Dropbox iphone app on your mobile device.
  2. Choose a document or folder called 1Password.opvault or 1Password.agilekeychain. It might be in the folder called 1Password.
  3. Delete 1Password.opvault or 1Password.agilekeychain.