How Do I Enable Cookies in Safari

A “Cookie” is a little measure of information created by a site and spared by your web program – its motivation is to recall information about you. Cookies are used by web programs to store and send critical information, and are indispensable amid installment preparing. On the off chance that cookies are turned off, this can cause issues while finishing transactions, for example, buying an area name or recharging a subscription.

How to set browser to accept cookies safari for Mac

To enable cookies on Safari for Mac gadgets, take after the means beneath:

  • Open Safari on the off chance that it is not officially open.
  • Tap the “Safari” menu and pick “Inclinations” and after that “Protection”
  • Contingent upon your version of OS:

For Lion OS: Pick the option Never under the section marked “Block Cookies”

For Yosemite OS: Pick the option Always permit under the section marked “Cookies and site information” (see screenshot underneath)

Safari version 4 and lower:

  • Safari
  • Open Safari
  • On the Menu Bar, select Help – > About Safari.

The version number is situated on the sprinkle screen that shows up.

Enable Third Party Cookies (Safari 5.1 and later)

Now and again your program needs to accept third party cookies for the site to work legitimately. This function is disabled as default in Safari 6.

  • To enable third party cookies in Safari please take after these means:
  • Open Safari and in the upper left corner of your screen tap on Safari and select Preferences.
  • In the inclination window select the Privacy option and under Block cookies select Never.

Your program should now accept all third party cookies.

Enable Third Party Cookies (Safari 5.0.x and prior)

  • Tap on the Safari-menu in Safari
  • Tap on the Preferences… thing in the menu – another window opens
  • Tap on the Security icon close to the highest point of the window.
  • Under Accept Cookies the Always or Only from destinations you explore to must be chosen.
  • Spare changes by clicking Ok