How to Transfer iTunes Library to New Mac or PC

The best thing about getting another PC is that, well, you’re getting a pristine PC. It’s energizing to have a sparkly new toy to play with, influencing you to think about how you could have been utilizing that old machine for so long.

To me however, the significant drawback of getting another PC is that you need to set everything up starting with no outside help. I’m not going to mislead anybody; some of that is a piece of the fun, yet it can likewise be unpleasant and tedious. Take relocating your iTunes library to your new PC for instance. There is nothing extremely fun in that, and in the event that you have a substantial library, it could take hours.

In this post, I will show you how to move your iTunes library to another PC. Tragically I won’t have the capacity to spare you time or stress, however in any event, you’ll have straightforward guidelines on how to do exchange all your iTunes melodies, collections, collection spreads, and playlists to a fresh out of the box new PC.

All the meta information for music tracks will likewise be relocated over. For instance, the play check, skip tally, star evaluations, date included, and other related data will be effectively ported to your new PC also.

Before we begin, it must be noticed that there are a few ways you can move your old iTunes library to your new PC. We will go over different choices sooner rather than later, however until further notice, we will concentrate on the most fundamental one. With the end goal of this instructional exercise, I am additionally accepting you have a spic and span PC with no music on it.

Move iTunes library from old Mac

  • Stage 1: Open another Finder window and go to the Music envelope, which ought to be under yourusername > Music.
  • Stage 2: You should see an envelope named iTunes. Make a correct tap on this envelope and duplicate it.
  • iTunes Library Music envelope
  • Stage 3: In another Finder window, open your outer hard drive or USB stick.
  • Stage 4: Paste the iTunes envelope in the outer drive or USB stick. Contingent upon the measure of music you have in your library it could take a while.

Use Migration Assistant (Mac Only)

On a Mac, the most straightforward approach to exchange an iTunes library to another PC is to use the Migration Assistant tool.

This can be used when you’re setting up another PC, or after it’s as of now done. Relocation Assistant endeavors to reproduce your old PC on the better and brighter one by moving information, settings, and different records. It isn’t 100% flawless (I’ve discovered that it in some cases has issues with email exchanges), however it exchanges most records exceptionally well and will spare you a great deal of time.

The Mac OS Setup Assistant will offer you this alternative as you set up your new PC. On the off chance that you don’t choose it at that point, you use it later by discovering Migration Assistant in your Applications envelope, inside the Utilities organizer.

To do this, you’ll require a Firewire or Thunderbolt link (contingent upon your Mac) to interface the two PCs. Once you’ve done that, restart the old PC and hold down the “T” key. You’ll see it restart and show a Firewire or Thunderbolt symbol on the screen. When you see this, run Migration Assistant on the new PC, and take after the onscreen directions.

Move iTunes library from PC to Mac

To begin, you will either need a dynamic SMB organize where you can exchange straightforwardly between OS X or Windows (click here for a basic PC to Mac document sharing aide), or use a hard drive that has designed for double similarity between a Mac and Windows with the goal that you can use it as a methods for replicating the information over.

  • From iTunes, go to Edit at that point to Preferences
  • Tap on the ‘Propelled’ tab, select the checkbox by ‘Keep iTunes media organizer sorted out’ at that point close the inclinations
  • Go to the File menu, at that point to Library submenu, and select ‘Arrange Library’ (in more established adaptations it’s named as “Merge Library”)
  • Presently you have to find your iTunes library. Do this by exploring from the Edit menu to Preferences, and back to the “Propelled” tab

You will see the iTunes library area indicated here, now that all your music is united you will need to move this envelope to your Mac’s home Music index – duplicate this organizer through Mac-Windows systems administration, or duplicate it to a USB streak drive as an in the middle of capacity drive which would then be able to be used to duplicate over to the Mac

Duplicate every one of the information over and hold up, this procedure can take a while relying upon the measure of the aggregate iTunes library, and relying upon the speed of the drive or system association used for replicating

Dispatch iTunes on the Mac, it might take a couple of minutes while it assembles the new library data

In the event that you have other music in your Macs iTunes index make sure to back that up before duplicating over the records from the PC so you don’t incidentally overwrite any documents.

I have done this a couple of times for myself and a couple companions who have done the change to Mac and dependably take after this strategy, yet it wasn’t until the point that I unearthed a post that I understood we hadn’t canvassed this here before with regards to a PC to Mac switch. In the event that you simply need to move your iTunes library to another area on your Mac it’s a quite comparative process. We’re simply going to do the correct opposite of what we simply did.

  • Stage 1: Plug your outer hard drive or USB stick in the new PC.
  • Stage 2: Double snap it to open and see what is inside. In the event that the means above were finished accurately, you ought to clearly observe your iTunes envelope.
  • Stage 3: Launch another Finder window and discover the Music envelope of your new PC.
  • Stage 4: From the outside drive or USB dongle, simplified the iTunes envelope inside the Music organizer of the new PC. Things will duplicate over, which again could take a while relying upon the measure of your library.

Done! You would now be able to dispatch iTunes and all your music, including all melodies, collections, collection expressions, and in addition playlists ought to be in there.

Note that on the off chance that you relocated tunes that were bought by means of iTunes, you should approve the new PC to play these tunes. To do as such, go to Store > Authorize This Computer in iTunes and enter your iTunes username and password.