How to save picture from Pages?

  1.  The principal thing to attempt is to right snap (or alternative snap) on the Pages file and check whether you get a choice that says ‘Show Package Contents.’ If it’s there, select ‘Show Package Contents’ and it will open an envelope with every one of the images in it. Try not to remove them from the organizer or it will break the file. Yet, you can duplicate them out (alternative snap and drag) and after that use them how you need.
  2. On the off chance that your file is from a more established adaptation of Pages you can simply choose ‘Show Package Contents’ to see the first photos in your Pages archive.
  3. On the off chance that that doesn’t work, there’s a work-around for more up to date forms of Pages. Right tap on the Pages file and select ‘duplicate’. This is so you are taking a shot at a duplicate and won’t hurt the first file.
  4. Tap on the filename of the new file and supplant the ‘.pages’ with ‘.compress’. In my case I’m transforming it from ‘book.pages’ to ‘’.
  5. It will provoke you to ensure, click ‘’.
  6. Presently double tap on the .compress file and it will make an organizer.
  7. Open the organizer and inside the envelope will be every one of the pictures from your Pages file in full determination. You can duplicate them, move them, whatever you need!

With past adaptations of Pages, you could right-tap on the file and Show Package Contents, however starting with Pages ’09, archives inside Pages are made as a Single File and that alternative is no longer there. This is essentially a propelled setting that can be changed from inside Pages.

  • Save your record.
  • Go to the File Menu > Advanced.
  • Select Change File Type.
  • Select Package.

Go to the file and right-tap on it. The alternative to Show Package Contents should now be accessible and you can haul images out as required.

On the off chance that you consider the file a compartment, at that point you are putting away every one of the components of that holder in the Package Contents. You can haul components out one by one, yet in the event that you do that, the file will never again observe those. With the instance of images, the file is generally putting away the full size rendition and the size that is shown in your archive. Both of these files will show up in the Package Contents. You can without much of a stretch see which will be which by taking a gander at the file measure. The bigger estimated files are the higher determination adaptations.

Use Content Manger to Extract the Image

This ought to be the most straightforward approach to get an image off a Pages record. Here’s how you can use it:

  • Open the organizer where your Pages record is found.
  • Right tap on the archive and select “Show Package Contents.” It should show you the real files that live in the report file.
  • Presently open the envelope that says “Information” by double tapping on it. That is the place your image is found.

You ought to have the capacity to see the image in the Pages record. It might be in numerous sizes on the off chance that it has been resized in the first report.

You would now be able to duplicate this image by right-tapping on it and sticking it wherever you need. It is presently similar to an ordinary image, and you can do everything with it that you as a rule do with different images.