How To Remove McAfee Internet Security for Mac

This article will help you mount or remove McAfee Internet Security for your Macintosh personal computer.

McAfee is a free of charge anti-virus scanner made to identify destructive software, restore harmed files preventing viruses attacking your personal computer. It is designed for both Glass windows and macOS systems. In this specific article, we will have a look at McAfee for Macintosh, or somewhat, how to uninstall McAfee on Macintosh effectively since most users have a problem with its complete removal.

Before taking you through the antivirus removal process, it’s important to notice that you must never make an effort to uninstall McAfee by dragging and shedding it to Garbage alone. This advice works for just about any other program on Mac pc because the applications’ service data stay and take up space on your drive. Furthermore, programs like McAfee may have operations employed in the background.

Note: The Macintosh personal computer version of McAfee Internet Security requires Apple Macintosh Operating-system 10.8 or later.

How to Delete McAfee: Follow these steps

IMPORTANT: Before starting, start your Downloads folder and look for any existing variants of the McAfee installer .dmg data files. If you discover any, rename the document; having a mature duplicate of the installer .dmg in your Downloads folder could bring about your Macintosh personal computer using the incorrect installer and protecting against your product from effectively activating
Assuming you understand how to use the Terminal Electricity and also have /usr/local/Mcafee/uninstallMSC available do the next:

  • Login using an adminstrator profile.
  • Open up the Terminal program (whether it’s not in the holder, it’s in Resources).
  • Compact disk to the McAfee set up directory website… (“cd /usr/local/McAfee”)
  • Enter “./uninstallMSC”
  • The uninstall script will ask you for an admin security password; use the main one from the login.
  • Wait around until you get an “uninstalled Successfully” subject matter on the terminal.

Furthermore, the McAfee agent (cma) must be uninstalled. Compact disk to the McAfee/cma Collection directory (“disc /Collection/McAfee/cma”).

  • Enter “sudo ./” and offer the admin security password as before.

How to Uninstall McAfee Antivirus from Finder

The question is: McAfee Endpoint Safety seems never to obey this guideline. The app itself has fade away in /Applications folder, yet when i sought out the related items in the Library folder, I did so find the documents and folder which contain the name of McAfee.

If you have performed the uninstallation by these steps, you can continue steadily to find and deelte its leftover personally in Library and ~Catalogue folders.

To take action, follow the steps below to eliminate all McAfee traces on your Macintosh:

  1. In Finder, check out the GO menu and choose Head to Folder in the drop-down menu.
  2. Type McAfee or EPM in the search package, and click on the “Library” icon below.
  3. Choose the items with the name of McAfee, and move those to the Trash.
  4. Repeat the steps to find and erase (if any) element in the ~Library folder.
  5. Finally, unfilled the Garbage to permanently be rid of McAfee-related items.