How to Remove GarageBand From Mac

The wide selection of default iApps that can come preinstalled of all Macs nowadays are great applications, but unless you actually utilize them, they simply take up drive space. Just to illustrate are Garageband, iMovie, and iPhoto, three fantastic programs to make music, editing and enhancing videos, and handling photographs, but if you never use these programs then it could seem sensible to uninstall them, which can release 5GB+ of drive space along the way. While 5GB may well not appear to be much for users with an enormous 1TB internal drive drive, those jogging lower capacity SSD’s could find that 5GB of space better used for another thing than unused apps.

Apple’s GarageBand is an excellent iphone app that brings powerful audio tracks creation and editing and enhancing tools to music buffs of most levels. But it is also a huge waste products of space for users who don’t require it. Whether you’re musically challenged like us, or if you already use more complex software like Reasoning Expert, Audition, or Expert Tools, here’s ways to erase GarageBand from your Macintosh personal computer, and save several gigabytes of space for storage along the way.

Delete GarageBand Manually

As a wealthy media request, GarageBand installs relatively large sets of media files to many locations on your Mac’s drive. Predicated on a clean install of GarageBand 10.0.2 on Operating-system X 10.9.3, key locations of large data include:

  • Macintosh HD/Applications/ (1.16GB)
  • Macintosh HD/Collection/Application Support/GarageBand (995MB)
  • Macintosh HD/Collection/Application Support/Reasoning (880MB)
  • Macintosh HD/Catalogue/Audio/Apple Loops (up to 10GB)*

*Note that how big is the Apple Loops directory website will vary depending on number and kind of loops downloaded by an individual. You ought not erase this folder (or the Reasoning folder) if you work with Logic Pro.

Under normal circumstances, however, users seeking to delete GarageBand can get to save lots of around 3GB of space. It might not exactly seem to be like much, especially as storage area capacities continue steadily to grow, but 3GB can make an enormous difference for people that have small SSDs.

To erase GarageBand, first leave all available applications and make a complete system back up to be on the safe area. This is accomplished via something similar to Time Machine or with the creation of your bootable clone.

Once you’re all supported, check out the locations in the above list and erase them one at a time, authenticating with an administrator accounts if asked. If you desire a quick way to access the folders in one’s body Library folder, available Finder and press Command-Shift-G to kick off the Head to Folder home window. Then just paste the folder’s location in to the container and press Go.
Delete the tool Garageband with Macintosh uninstaller

Uninstall GarageBand with Ununstaller

It ought to be mentioned that there surely is another way to erase Garageband, which is a lot easier and quicker. For this function, you may use a free program AppCleaner. The iphone app allows the entire removal of any software on Macintosh personal computer in a single click. Download the iphone app from the App Store and check the application folder. Then go for Garageband and click Remove.

Remember that the free version of AppCleaner enables you to remove all service documents. To erase the executable data you’ll need to update to Pro or perhaps erase the leftover data in the standard way.

The preferred standpoint to utilizing AppCleaner is that it will commonly expel the different documents that accompany iPhoto, iMovie, and Garageband, similar to the example instruments and sound records, video instructional exercises, and different parts put away around the OS X record framework. You can do this physically, AppCleaner only tends to make it simpler. Adaptations of OS X preceding Mavericks might need to look at the manual expulsion process in any case to ensure the extensive “Application Support” organizer for Garageband is expelled also, since it can undoubtedly take up 2GB alone.