Steps to Remove Dropbox from Mac

Erasing Dropbox from your Mac is somewhat more convoluted than erasing normal applications. There are many strings in Dropbox gathering about uninstalling Dropbox. For instance:

Endeavored to delete the Dropbox application from my Mac, yet it gave me this blunder message saying ‘The thing “Dropbox” can’t be moved to the Trash since some of its modules are being used’.

I have deleted Dropbox on my MacBook Air. Be that as it may, despite everything I see all the dropbox files in Mac Finder. Would i be able to delete these files? Will this expel the files from my Dropbox account?

How to Uninstall Dropbox in Finder

Uninstalling Dropbox application from your PC won’t delete your Dropbox record or evacuate the files in your Dropbox folder from hard drive. Furthermore, you can even now get to your Dropbox files on different gadgets or sign into Dropbox site.

  • Stage 1. Unlink your PC from your Dropbox account: Click the Dropbox symbol in the menu bar > Preference > Account > Unlink the Dropbox.
  • Stage 2. Open Activity Monitor (scan for it with Spotlight in the event that you don’t know how to open it) > Force quit Dropbox.
  • Stage 3. Open Finder > Choose Applications in the sidebar > Drag and drop Dropbox to the Trash and after that empty the trash.

On the off chance that you need to delete the files in nearby Dropbox folder from your hard drive, intuitive the folder to the Trash.

By finishing the means above, you can uninstall Dropbox application from your Mac, yet the extra like application stores and logs will stay on your PC. In the event that you are not an exceptionally propelled Mac client and don’t know how to find and delete application extra on Mac.

Delete the Dropbox Application

  • Tap the Dropbox symbol on the menu on the highest point of your Mac’s screen to open the drop-down menu, at that point tap the Gear symbol and select Quit Dropbox to stop the application. You should stop the application before you can uninstall it.
  • Open your Applications folder, snap and hold the Dropbox symbol and simplified it onto the Trash symbol on the Dock at the base of your screen.
  • Hold down the Control catch on your Mac’s console, tap the Trash symbol on the Dock and select Empty Trash to wrap up the Dropbox application.

Delete Your Dropbox Folder

After you delete the Dropbox application from your Mac, you have the choice of erasing your Dropbox folder from the PC too. This folder contains the greater part of the files and other information matched up from your Dropbox folder on the web. Evacuating this folder is discretionary. On the off chance that you choose to delete it, all Dropbox files put away on your PC are expelled and can’t be recovered unless they’ve as of late been matched up with your online Dropbox folder.

  • Tap the Finder symbol on the Dock to open another Finder window.
  • Snap and hold the Dropbox symbol under the Favorites heading on the left of the Finder, and intuitive it onto the Trash symbol on the Dock.
  • Ctrl-tap the Trash symbol and select Empty Trash to wrap up your Dropbox folder.
  • Delete Dropbox Contextual Menu:
  • Press Shift+Command+G to open “Go to the folder” window. Sort in/Library and enter to find Library folder.
  • Find and delete the DropboxHelperTools folder.
  • Expel Dropbox Application Files

Additionally there are still some application files that are deserted, for example, reserves, inclinations, log files. You might need to delete them to free up space.

On “Go to the Folder” window, type in ~/.dropbox and click return key. Select all files in the folder and delete them.

Presently you have deleted Dropbox application, files, and settings completely from your Mac.