Remove Disk Inventory X for Mac Completely

Disk Inventory X is an (Utilities and Operating Systems) application on Mac that as a rule can be introduced effortlessly and easily on the PC, however a few times you may need to uninstall Disk Inventory X for a few reasons, for example,

  • It isn’t useful on your Mac.
  • Application does not work effectively after the establishment
  • Disk Inventory X backs off your PC execution
  • App takes up excessively numerous space of your PC’s hard disk
  • Disk Inventory X ought to be re-introduced on the PC

Delete Disk Inventory from Launchpad

In the event that you got this Disk Inventory X application through the Mac App Store, there is a particular method to permit you erase it on the PC, however it isn’t accessible for expelling the apps which are having a place with the OS X itself, for example, the Safari.

  • Particular strides to expel the app (got from the App Store):
  • On the off chance that the app is running on your PC, right-tap on its symbol on the Dock, and select Quit
  • Tap on Launchpad symbol in the Dock, and find the Disk Inventory X’s symbol
  • Hold down the symbol until the point when all of symbols begin to wiggle
  • Tap on the erase catch at the upper left corner, and after that the program’s bundle will be expelled from the Launchpad

Uninstall Disk Inventory X by its uninstaller

A few applications may contain a specific uninstaller on their introduce bundles, you can attempt to open the bundle to check whether there is a uninstaller of the applications. On the off chance that you can see an evacuation device inside, you can take this uninstaller to expel the program on your Mac PC.

Simply double tap on the uninstaller, another evacuating wizard will show on the work area, and you simply need to take after the directions to finish the entire expelling process.

How to Uninstall Disk Inventory X Manually

Mac OS X has its own particular evacuating highlight, and individuals can erase or expel the file/application by means of moving to the Trash, and discharge it. At the point when uninstall Disk Inventory X along these lines, you can allude to the accompanying directions:

  1. Tap on Finder on the Dock, select Applications on the left sheet, and you will go to the introduced Applications folder
  2. Select the symbol of Disk Inventory X, and drag it to the Trash
  3. Right-tap on the Trash, and snap Empty Trash

Evacuating Disk Inventory X under Mac OS X along these lines is exceptionally a direct and quick system, nonetheless, numerous individuals may not see that it is additionally unfit to help you thoroughly clean the program out of your PC. The same to the past two techniques, those help files and reserves which are put away independently from the application bundle should be erased manually and also. Sounds like exceptionally irritated and troublesome, isn’t that so? Applying a uninstall apparatus can dodge these issues and disentangle the evacuating steps altogether.

Open the Finder, go to the Menu Bar, open the “Go” menu, select the entry:|Go to Folder… and afterward enter the way of the Application Support folder:~/Library

Look for any files or folders with the program’s name or designer’s name in the ~/Library/Preferences/, ~/Library/Application Support/and ~/Library/Caches/folders. Right tap on those things and snap Move to Trash to erase them.

In the mean time, look for the accompanying areas to erase related things:


/Library/Application Support/


Plus, there might be some bit augmentations or concealed files that are not evident to discover. All things considered, you can complete a Google scan about the segments for Disk Inventory X 1.0. Typically bit augmentations are situated in/System/Library/Extensions and end with the expansion .kext, while shrouded files are generally situated in your home folder. You can use Terminal (inside Applications/Utilities) to list the substance of the catalog being referred to and erase the culpable thing.