How to Reinstall or Completely Uninstall iTunes on macOS

Uninstalling iTunes on Mac requires some expertise and precarious. On a Windows PC, you can undoubtedly uninstall iTunes from Start menu → Control Panel → Uninstall a program.

However, iTunes is a default utilization of Mac OS High Sierra an older versions, and when you endeavor to drag the iTunes application record to the Trash, a notice message will fly up and say “iTunes” can’t be altered or deleted because it’s required by OS. Try not to be upset. Here in the accompanying, we will show you how to delete iTune from Mac, and furthermore share you approach to reinstall iTunes. Continue.

Reinstall iTunes

A solid iTunes is an extraordinary ordeal yet in the event that the application begins carrying on unusually then it’s an ideal opportunity to make a move. On the off chance that iTunes continues playing Britney Spears music for reasons unknown, your Mac is likely satanically possessed. Tragically, you should set fire to your Mac. It’s the main way.
You can also read how to perform a full reinstall of Mac OS using internet recovery.

However, in the event that you iTunes is only smashing or solidifying then a basic iTunes reinstall ought to take care of the issue. You could first attempt to download the most recent variant of iTunes and run the installer. Regardless of whether it’s an indistinguishable rendition from you have installed, this will reinstall iTunes with no bothers. In the event that that doesn’t settle the issue, you ought to totally uninstall iTunes before you run the downloaded install.

  • Stage 1. Go to the Applications envelope and discover the iTunes application.
  • Stage 2. Right-tap on iTunes and select Get Info.
  • Stage 3. Find and tap on the lock symbol at the base right of the window, and you have to enter your administrator password.
  • Stage 4. Snap and extend the Sharing and Permissions area. Change the benefits for “everybody” to Read and Write. This will give you finish control of the iTunes application so you can uninstall iTunes from your Mac.
  • Stage 5. Close the Get Info window and drag the iTunes application to the Trash. You can even now set back iTunes on the off chance that you haven’t discharged the Trash
  • Stage 6. To reinstall iTunes, simply go to App Store or download from apple site.

Completely uninstall iTunes

Regardless of whether you need a more viable reinstall of iTunes or on the off chance that you need to remove the application from your life for good, we have you secured. You may have understood that Apple doesn’t make it simple for you to uninstall iTunes, so it requires a couple of additional means.

Note – A total uninstall iTunes application will remove your user settings, playlists, and so on.

Drag the desktop iTunes symbol to the junk – in the event that you get a mistake keep on stepping 2, on the off chance that you don’t skip to stage 6

  • Right-tap the record in the Applications organizer and snap Get Info
  • Tap the lock symbol and enter your Admin Password
  • Grow Sharing and Permissions and set “everybody” to Read and Write
  • Close the window and attempt stage 1 once more
  • Exhaust the Trash
  • Sort Activity Monitor into Spotlight and dispatch the application
  • Discover iTunes Helper and remove it
  • Explore to Library → Preferences and remove records with “” toward the start
  • Restart your Mac
  • An iTunes Alternative Tool to Manage iOS Files on Mac

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