Prevent MacOS Mail From Spam Filtering Emails

Apple Mail has a worked in spam filter that you can enable or disable by means of Mail’s Preferences. Sadly, Apple Mail’s spam filtering abilities are to some degree temperamental and I as of late chose to disable it, for an outsider arrangement.

Apple Mail: Junk Mail Preferences

I heard a great deal of good things about SpamSieve and chose to try it out. After the installation, I arranged SpamSieve to move all messages, recognized as spam, into a different folder called ‘Spam’, rather than Apple Mail’s default ‘Garbage’ folder.

iCloud’s Junk Mail Filter

I was positively shocked by SpamSieve’s execution however saw that specific messages, some of which weren’t spam, still wound up in the old ‘Garbage’ letter box. I twofold checked every one of my Macs to ensure none had the local garbage mail filter enabled. Perplexed by how that could happen, I reached Apple Support by means of Twitter and they reacted that iCloud additionally junks mail filtering on the backend. They likewise showed that, shockingly, that backend filter can’t be killed.

Notwithstanding Junk mail filtering disables, messages are as yet put into Junk letter box

So I got iCloud Support to find out additional about this backend filter and to figure out how it can in any event be prepared. It turned out, that the front-end (Apple Mail) and backend (iCloud) filters work totally freely from each other. At the end of the day, denoting a message as “great” in Apple Mail may even now prompt the backend filter checking it as garbage and the other way around.

Sierra Mail marks all BCC-to-self mail as Junk?

Enter an address into the Bcc content box at the highest point of the mail message

In the event that vital, utilize the setting menu (demonstrated as follows) to make the Bcc content box noticeable, and type an address into it.

Drawback here: the content box is empty each time you begin another message.

Turn on the “Naturally Bcc: myself” setting

This setting is at Mail > Preferences > Composing > “Naturally Bcc myself”.

Burden here: you can just Bcc your own address thusly.

There is a workaround to this, however. Turn on “Consequently Bcc myself”, and set up a Rule (in Mail > Preferences > Rules) to forward every single approaching message from yourself (here, to the next individual ( This will stop up your inbox with these duplicates of your sent mail, yet you could likewise set the govern to delete them in the wake of playing out the sending.

Notwithstanding! This workaround appears somewhat flakey to me: eg, in the event that I see effectively, in the event that you happen to email yourself (say, send yourself an update from your iPhone), at that point that message will be sent to the next individual and afterward deleted. So I wouldn’t suggest it.

Set a Bcc esteem in’s defaults (concealed inclination settings)

There is a shrouded inclination setting which makes naturally add a Bcc address to all friendly mail. This can be any address, not only your own. In any case! This setting can be very confounding, for two reasons (at any rate: there may likewise be different nuances here that I’m not mindful of):

The consequently included address isn’t noticeable in the Bcc content box. The naturally included address overwrites anything you put into the Bcc content box (evidently: I haven’t tried this detail). On the off chance that you need to attempt this, take after these guidelines:

  1. Stop
  2. Open (this is in/Applications/Utilities)
  3. Sort the accompanying. This makes a reinforcement duplicate of Mail’s inclinations file (before we begin intruding with it) on your Desktop.
  4. cp ~/Library/Containers/ ~/Desktop/
  5. The area of this file changed in 10.7, I think – in the event that you are utilizing a more established OS, you’ll have to utilize ~/Library/Preferences/ (I accept.
  6. Presently include the inclination setting by writing the accompanying. Substitute the address you really need to utilize, yet make sure to type the rest precisely as appeared.
  7. defaults compose UserHeaders ‘{“Bcc” = “”;}’

(Note: I discovered this defaults setting in a clue here).

  1. Begin and test.
  2. Here are some different commands that may be helpful:
  3. View the present setting:
  4. defaults read UserHeaders
  5. Evacuate the setting (be extremely careful to type this one precisely as appeared):
  6. defaults delete UserHeaders
  7. Put the reinforcement file you made before once again into the right spot, fixing any progressions:
  8. cp ~/Desktop/ ~/Library/Containers/

Keep Mac OS X Mail From Filtering Known Senders’ Mail as Spam

To ensure the Mail application in Mac OS X and macOS does not filter as spam messages from known senders:

  1. Select Mail | Preferences from the menu in Mac OS X Mail.
  2. Tap the Junk Mail tab.
  3. In the area named “The accompanying kinds of messages are absolved from garbage mail filtering,” put a check stamp in the crate before Sender of message is in my Contacts.
  4. Alternatively, check Sender of message is in my Previous Recipients also.
  5. Close the Preferences window.
  6. Add known senders to your Contacts to keep Mail from filtering their messages out as spam.

Add a Sender to Your Contacts

Add any sender you need to shield from spam filtering to the Contacts application on your Mac. You can do that effortlessly from a current email.

  1. Open an email from a sender in the Mail application.
  2. Feature the sender’s name or email address at the highest point of the email by moving your cursor over it.
  3. Tap the bolt that shows up toward the finish of the featured name or email address.
  4. Select Add to Contacts starting from the drop menu to open the data in the Contacts application.
  5. Enter any extra data for the contact and snap Done.