How to Open Unix EXEC files on macOS?

The exec files are normally used by Unix and Unix based working frameworks, similar to OS X (macOS), Linux, FreeBSD and others.

  • Unix and Unix-like frameworks check a file with executable piece as EXEC file.
  • EXEC isn’t file extension it is just sign of Unix executable in file administrator.

macOS or Mac OS X is Unix-based working framework created by Apple Inc. for Macintosh PCs. It contains essential center applications for regular use, for example, Finder fundamental file administrator, Safari for Internet perusing, QuickTime for video, iTunes for overseeing sound information and iPod, iOS gadgets administration, iMessage texting, Mail, Contacts, Calendar and some more.

Change exec file extension manually

Somehow your Apple Computer thinks these are executable files, and not pages files. It is useful to take a gander at the files in the Finder to perceive what they are first:

  • open a finder window (tap on the discoverer symbol at the furthest left of your dock)
  • explore to the files being referred to
  • select one of the files
  • control tap on it and look down to Get Info
  • under General, see what it says for Kind:
  • under Name and Extension, see what it says

It is safe to say that you are certain they are truly unix executable files? The Mac OS regularly reports obscure files as “unix executable” on the off chance that they don’t have a file extension or asset fork. In the event that that is the situation, you can open at that point by affixing the best possible file extension, for example “.doc” for MS Word archives.

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