Contol Computer from Mac console

A command line provoke is a method for connecting with your PC without a graphical interface. While your cutting edge Mac utilizes a graphical UI, (GUI) more established PCs utilized just command prompts. The command line more often than not gives you a greater number of choices than the GUI. Present day Macs running OS X utilize a UNIX establishment which you can access through the Terminal application.

Use Launchpad

Open Launchpad. It’s the silver symbol in the Dock that resembles a rocket. The Dock is a board of symbols typically found at the base of the screen, however it can likewise be moved to the screen’s left or right side.

In case you’re on a portable workstation, you can likewise open Launchpad by doing a four-finger squeeze motion on the trackpad.

  • You may likewise have the capacity to open it by squeezing F4 on the console.
  • Tap the Other organizer. It’s a square symbol containing a few littler symbols.
  • Snap Terminal. The Terminal application will now dispatch to the command provoke.

In the event that you don’t see Terminal in the Other organizer, it might have been moved somewhere else in Launchpad. In case you can’t discover it, attempt another strategy.

Utilizing Spotlight

  • Tap the Spotlight symbol. It’s the amplifying glass at the upper right corner of the screen.
  • You can likewise open Spotlight by squeezing ⌘ Command+Space on the console.
  • Sort terminal into the hunt box. “Terminal” will show up in the query items.
  • Double tap Terminal. The Terminal application will now dispatch to the command incite.

Using Finder

  • Open Finder. It’s the symbol at the base of the screen that resembles a two-conditioned grinning face.
  • Snap Applications. It’s in the left board of Finder.
  • On the off chance that you don’t see “Applications” in the left board, click Go at the highest point of the screen and select Applications.
  • Snap Utilities. You may need to look down to discover it
  • Double tap Terminal. You may need to look down to discover it. The Terminal application will now dispatch to the command prompt.

Cool command prompt tricks

Watch ASCII rendition of the Star Wars Episode IV film

Astonished yet? You can watch an ASCII form of the full Star Wars Episode IV Movie right in your command provoke window. Simply open command incite, sort a little code and the film will begin playing instantly. Read the total guidelines here.

Create Matrix falling code impact

Have you viewed “The Matrix”? Obviously, you have. At that point, you definitely comprehend what I am discussing. On the off chance that despite everything you don’t comprehend what I mean, investigate this picture! You can make a similar impact in command provoke utilizing only a couple of lines of code. Make a beeline for this post for directions.

Make Folders that you can’t delete

Is it true that you are worn out on inadvertently erasing imperative organizers? All things considered, in the event that you will be, you can figure out how to make undeletable envelopes here.

Shutdown your PC giving an entertaining reason

Imagine a scenario where your PC close down saying that it is drained and wouldn’t like to work any longer. It would be fun, wouldn’t it? You can do as such by perusing the directions here.