Mac Hard Drive Repair Software

The Mac’s hard drive should always have at least 10 percent of the space free. Not only do you need it to save files, but your Mac uses free space for other things. Your Mac periodically produces out files to storage like virtual memory databases, logs, and other content. What’s more, the programs you run will need space to write away content as well.

If perhaps space gets too small, your Mac will put out a warning. Although it’s a good idea to stay before that by having at least a general idea of how much space is available.

Mac Hard Drive Diagnostic and Repair Utilities

We’ll cover three of the best and many popular disk space analysis tools available for the Mac, each of which is either free or offers a free demo to give a good test run with.

A big thing to remember with using these disk analyzer software is that if you shouldn’t erase anything without discretion, as they sweep the complete drive and inevitably display system files, system folders, and other necessary components of Mac OS X and apps, along with personal documents and accumulated cruft. It’s a good idea to compliment the Mac with Time Machine before using these programs if you aren’t planning on performing some mass file removal, it certainly is better to be safe than sorry and lose files or have to reinstall Mac OS Back button if you deleted critical system files willy-nilly.

TechTool Protogo

Micromat’s best Macintosh repair tools – TechTool Protogo ScreenshotTechTool Protogo is a Mac repair program suite which contains 3 of Micromat’s best Mac pc repair tools; TechTool Expert 8, TechTool Pro Common, and DiskStudio. Protogo provides an impressive bootable Mac repair resource with these tools as well as any of your own tools on the lightweight hard drive or flash drive. You can then boot from this drive, bypassing the OPERATING-SYSTEM, and run diagnostics on a computer to determine problems. Protogo also allows you to repair and recover data from troublesome hard drives as well as defragment, optimize, and securely delete data. Price: $129. 99

MemTest for OS X

Memory testing program for Mac OS Back button – Memtest OS Times Screenshot. Memtest is a memory testing program for Mac OS. It is an order line utility so it can be ran in OS X or in Single-User Mode if your Mac will not kick out. It is great for testing intermittent system problems when you are having problems identifying if it is a memory problem. If perhaps you prefer memtest with a GUI front-end, then be certain to check away Rember. Rember will run in OS X but will not work in Single-User Mode so Memtest OS X is the better option. Cost: $1. 39

DiskWarrior 4

DiskWarrior might just be among the best hard drive repair programs for the Mac. It works differently than other data repair programs. Instead of aiming to rebuild the broken data itself, DiskWarrior creates replacement data based off of the original data. It then verifies the new data structure based upon the original to make certain it is error free. You can also use DiskWarrior as a preventative maintenance utility for hard turns. When run, it rebuilds your directory eliminating any damage that you might not exactly be aware of. That also optimizes the directory site for better performance. Expense: $99. 95

If it is more severe and your Mac’s hard drive has crashed, I have provided an comprehensive data restoration guide with a collection of Hard Drive Restoration Tools in my article Tips on how to Recover Data from a Crashed Hard Get.

Is actually often only an concern of time before Macintosh users wind up viewing the dreaded “startup disc almost full” warning communication in Mac OS By, which often causes a frantic dash about the Downloads available folder as users waste unnecessary files to try to free up disk space. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with undertaking the interview process manual mission of discovering where your disk storage space vanished to, there could be an entire category of hard disk drive space analyzer software available which can make the job easier, offering a visible experience that is quickly scannable and actionable.