Is ClamXav Safe?

Setting up ClamXav 2 on my MacBook Air was fast and simple. The installer, accessible at, strolls you through downloading the antivirus motor (which contains the malware detection) and setting up programmed refreshes. You can likewise get a marginally unique adaptation of ClamXav 2 from the Mac App Store. After installation, ClamXav 2 dispatches and starts its first definition refresh.

ClamXav 2 has the starkest interface of all the Mac antivirus programs we investigated. It would appear that another window of the Mac OS X’s Finder; documents being scanned are recorded in substituting blue and white lines, as in more seasoned variants of Mac OS X and iTunes. Before beginning a scan, you should pick which documents on your hard drive you need scanned. You can either tap the “+” catch underneath the Source List in ClamXav 2, or explore to the objective document or volume and drag it directly into the Source List. I dragged in the whole Macintosh HD volume.

To start the scan, feature the coveted envelope or volume in the Source List by tapping on it, and afterward tap the green Start Scan catch at the highest point of the window. ClamXav 2 has no readied full-scan or brisk scan choices. Alternate catches at the highest point of ClamXav 2’s board are for refreshing its rundown of virus definitions, seeing a log of scans, seeing a log of updates and a Preferences catch. (In Preferences, you can make a whitelist of record sorts you don’t need ClamXav 2 to scan.)

You can plan hostile to malware scans, yet the scheduler is covered away under the Preferences catch. (In the event that you just looked at ClamXav 2, you may figure planned scans aren’t conceivable.) Among other Mac antivirus tools, Sophos Antivirus for Mac Home Edition and Intego Mac Internet Security X8 likewise permit booked scans; Avast Free Antivirus for Mac and Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac don’t.

Some antivirus utilities give you the decision of a full PC scan or a snappy scan that just searches for dynamic malware and explicit malware follows. ClamXAV dependably plays out a full scan of the source you indicate. A scan of the Apple MacBook Air 13-Inch that I utilized for testing took 42 minutes, only a couple of minutes more than the present normal, and turned up a couple of suspicious HTML pages in the program’s reserve. A rehash scan completed very quickly; apparently ClamXAV skips records that it officially checked as sheltered.

As noted, ClamXAV doesn’t guarantee to detect and isolate malware that is intended to contaminate Windows PCs. Be that as it may, when I mounted a USB drive containing the specimens I use for Windows antivirus testing, it hailed 43 percent of them as malware, recognizing most by name. As a matter of course, it records discovered dangers and lets you physically isolate or delete them. You can likewise design it to isolate discovered malware consequently.

Most of the Mac antivirus items I’ve looked into incorporate a web protection segment. This part, normally a program expansion, checks the URLs you visit and pieces access to those that are known to have malware, and in addition phishing destinations, deceitful sites that attempt to take your login accreditations. Phishing assaults work by deceiving the client, paying little heed to the working framework or program utilized.

Security execution

Since ClamXav 2 is just an antivirus motor, it would need a decent malware-detection rate to contend with all the more completely highlighted programs that additionally incorporate things like a Web-connect scanner. We swung to autonomous German against malware testing lab AV-TEST to discover, yet sadly, AV-TEST’s most recent assessments of the best 18 Mac antivirus items did exclude ClamXav 2. We can’t let you know precisely how it stacked up beside contending items from Avast, Bitdefender, Intego or Sophos.


Avast Free Antivirus for MacBitdefender Antivirus for MacClamXav 2Intego Mac Internet Security X8Sophos Antivirus for Mac Home Edition

Framework affect

Nobody needs a hostile to malware program that backs off a PC while running scans. We tried every Mac antivirus program for its execution affect on a solitary MacBook Air.

On the Geekbench 3 benchmarking test, our Air scored 5,398 preceding any hostile to malware programs were installed. Amid a ClamXav full scan (there’s no fast scan alternative), that score dropped to 3,989. That is a lofty drop in execution, and it set ClamXav 2 in last place among the five projects we tried.

The product with the littlest framework affect was Intego Mac Internet Security X8, with a full-scan score of 5,166, trailed by Avast Free Antivirus for Mac (4,757), Sophos Antivirus for Mac Home Edition at (4,693) and Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac at (4,661).

How to remove clamxav

Preceding the expulsion of ClamXav, you should first sign into your Mac with an executive record, and turn ClamXav off in the event that it is running. To deactivate an app, right snap its symbol in the dock and select Quit alternative (or pick ClamXav > Quit ClamXav on the Menu bar).

Likewise, you can get to the Activity Monitor (situated in/Applications/Utilities/organizer), and check whether there is any foundation procedure relating to the app. On the off chance that ClamXav can’t be stopped typically, you can choose the app in Activity Monitor, tap the substantial red “Quit Process” catch in the left corner and snap Force Quit fasten in the pop discourse.

  • Drag ClamXav symbol to the Trash
  • Open up the Finder, click Applications on the left side, and afterward select ClamXav.
  • Drag ClamXav to the Trash (or right tap on it and afterward select Move to Trash choice).
  • Right tap the Trash symbol and select Empty Trash choice to begin the uninstall.

This drag-to-delete technique works in all variants of Mac OS X. Most outsider apps can be easily uninstalled in that way, however you can’t delete worked in apps by doing this. Some apps installed utilizing the Mac bundle installer will provoke you for a secret key when you endeavor to move it to the Trash. Regardless you can’t move ClamXav to the Trash or purge the Trash, have a go at holding the Option key as you pick Empty Trash from the Finder menu, or reboot your Mac and attempt it again later.

Warming: It is imperative to call attention to that, purging the Trash will in a split second wipe off ClamXav and in addition different documents you’ve tossed into the Trash, and that this demonstration is unalterable, so ensure you haven’t erroneously deleted anything before discharging the Trash. Whenever you alter your opinion and wanna fix the cancellation of apps or documents, perfectly tap the thing in the Trash and select Put Back choice.