Instagram Vs Pinterest - Visual Marketing For your Business

Most social network platforms are leveraging images and video clips to enhance their content. Nonetheless, it can be said that visual content plays the most important role in this day and age when it comes to effective marketing.

Pinterest and Instagram are two visual social platforms that have millions of users which makes it ideally perfect for brands to interact with their potential customers. Both are visual sharing social networking websites where visuals can be uploaded for others to watch.

Nevertheless, here are some aspects in which both the platforms differ and this is where businesses can choose which platform is better for their marketing purposes:


Instagram has exceeded the engagement rate as compared to Pinterest. The customer interaction on Instagram is far more than the interaction rate on Pinterest. Even though both the platforms are easily accessible, the criteria of usage a little bit different. Instagram allows the users to engage in a more effective manner making it an ideal platform for visual marketers. Many users utilize DigiSMM to buy Instagram likes for all pictures in order to enhance their marketing strategy.

Web content

Instagram allow the users to take pictures from their own device and apply filters and captions and post it further. The users are looking for a much more personalized experience with the brands they follow. On the other hand, Pinterest enables the user to curate other user’s web content into their own account. Just like other search engines, Pinterest can be used to search for specific type of content.

Target audience

Pinterest users are mostly female as per the recent studies. The demographics suggest that the users are also a little bit older in age. On the other hand, men and women representation on Instagram is pretty much equal. This offers visual marketers a better opportunity. This network is more popular with the youth which makes it ideal for most of the businesses to market their products and services. Instagram is the winner in this context.

Story telling

This can be done on Pinterest by using theme boards in a strategic manner. It is a great way to encourage the engaged audience. It promotes more engagement. Using contests and promotions can be good with storytelling.

Instagram can use options like stories to market their products and services in a more effective manner. It allows the companies to connect with their audience in a more creative manner.

The bottom line

There is no clear cut winner since it depends on the personal preferences of the businesses on how they want to develop a visual marketing plan. However, statistics show that Instagram is far more popular than Pinterest not only to individuals but businesses as well making it an ideal platform for visual marketing. So it can be concluded that Instagram has an edge.