Display preferences pane could not be loaded? Try This Tips!

On the off chance that you see this error – Unfortunately you’re running into a known bug in Sierra’s Displays inclination sheet. We trust this bug influences all virtual presentations, not simply Air Display. We’ve detailed the bug to Apple and expectation have been trusting that they can fix it in a close term macOS programming update. A couple of days back, I got an email saying that the bug I detailed has been closed. There’s no real way to tell whether that implies it has been closed with a disposition of “Fixed” or “Won’t Fix” or “Not a Bug.” But rather we’re confident that it will be fixed in macOS 10.12.3, which is in beta at this point.

In the interim, while you can’t adjust the screen positions, you can flip amongst Mirroring and Screen Extension modes by squeezing Command-F1. (Contingent upon your Keyboard settings, you may need to hold down the Fn key in the meantime.) That is an abnormal error. Ordinarily, if the System Preferences application is corrupt or missing, none of the inclinations will be accessible.
Reboot your machine and check whether you can get to the General inclination sheet. If not, do this… reboot and hold down your alternative key. Select the Recovery Partition to boot from. After the machine boots to Recovery, select Disk Utility. From the Disk Utility exchange box, select “Repair Permissions”. It might take briefly to wrap up. Reboot back to ordinary mode. Furthermore, don’t stress over the authorization explanations from the framework.

Remove library system files

Take a stab at moving com.apple.windowserver inclination file to junk, you can discover it here:


And furthermore System Preferences reserves:


At that point restart your Mac and attempt once more.

Falling flat that, I’d recommend going down and re-installing macOS.

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