Disk Aid - An Expert Grade System Utility

Disk Aid is an expert grade system utility software for keeping your Macintosh running at its absolute best. It is lovingly created by the leaders inside utility software, FIPLAB, who have created award-winning plus extremely popular software employed by millions of Mac users all over the world.

Disk Aid, has recently been built from the ground up for the very best performance and disk area saving ability. Disk Support will deeply clean, enhance and protect your Macintosh, all whilst helping you save upwards to several gigabytes regarding treasured disk space!

Need to admit I was a bit skeptical to buy this application. After purchasing that and installing it We can tell you that it is hands lower good quality. It is the two easy-to-use and offers a person an in-depth understanding regarding where your data files usually are and more importantly exactly how space is being used on your hard generate. I have a MacBook Pro that came with a solid-state 256 GIGABITE hard push. Because using up space comes at a premium regarding me, We needed something to quickly find the data files that we’re hogging upwards valuable space on our system. This application really does that quickly and extremely properly. Although I haven’t recovered all the space it’s showing me due to my own, personal time limitations, this is mind-boggling how many duplicate files, large video files, and other greater files that are stored on my system with out me even noticing it. Today I actually can certainly and rapidly archive for an external hard disk unit in addition to or remove them and become on my way. I would absolutely recommend this iphone app for anyone that should manage their particular hard drive and room. It also comes with an application UnInstaller, a privacy guard and many other features. They’re just about all listed on the programmers page. Fantastic buy!

system utility

It is properly set up into 6 uniquely beneficial modules:


  • Supplies a quick and informative overview of your most important Macintosh system stats.
  • Ideal for easily statistics in addition to performance monitoring.
  • Current insight into CPU, Memory space, Battery Usage and even more.

Disk Cleaner functions

  • This particular conducts a deep in addition to thorough search to determine all kinds of potential unneeded plus junk files that may be removed from your Mac’s main hard generate.
  • Such as Application Abri, Logs, Mail Downloads, Web browser Data, Partial Downloads, Older iOS Updates, Developer Data files etc.
  • Also consists of a helpful large record scanner that will spotlight the most significant files stored on your Mac, in addition to is perfect to remove those pesky old movies and downloads you zero longer need!
  • This module by itself could save users several helpful gigabytes of space.

Apps Uninstall

  • The particular perfect module for not simply removing unneeded applications, but also all related data files that an application provides created so that it can be able to perform.
  • Related files contain caches, preferences, plist plus container/library folders, which are zero longer required if you wish to be able to delete an application.


  • This rewards from our industry major duplicate detection algorithm. That quickly scans your safe-keeping drives to identify actual duplicates, i. e. data files and folders that usually are total duplicates based about their SHA-1 hash beliefs.
  • Compare duplicates among multiple folders/locations and selectively choose which duplicates to be able to delete.
  • Use our intelligent auto-selection process to be able to save time picking which often duplicates to delete and which originals to keep.
  • Fully supports outside and network drives in addition to also iPhoto and Photograph application libraries.
  • Blacklist certain folders to make sure they are never sought.
  • Filter and type duplicates depending on their type/size/name/age, etc.


  • This module provides the visual tree map regarding the storage drive you scan.
  • Tree routes can be viewed inside various beautiful themes.
  • Not just visually satisfying but also very beneficial since it allows you to be able to quickly identify large files and folders which are taking up the most room on the storage drive.
  • Drill-down into folders to see more details.
  • Fast Look support.
  • Use this information to to be able to either delete or shrink files/folders in order to free up valuable drive space.

Is Disk Aid Safe? Privacy Ptotection options

  • The best way to be able to find and remove prospective threats in your Mac’s personal privacy and security.
  • Get rid of malicious browser extensions in addition to spyware that cause irritating popup ads.
  • Tests your browsers, flash extensions and much more so as to remove Caches, Cookies, History, Downloads, Forms, Recent Queries, Web Storage, Last Session Information and much even more.

Please Note: App Uninstaller are unable to remove all software totally due to sandbox limitations. If this is typically the case, it will direct an individual to the specific document spots and enable you to personally remove any apps/files which it could not automatically remove for your benefit.

I actually carefully checked about a hundred images prior to driving that “enter” button and I am happy in order to report that it did not only erase twice in addition to tripple duplicates but this also managed to maintain original and their revised variations!! as i said…. WHOA and congrats to the developers of this application. We would easily pay one hundred bucks just for this one. I actually can’t explain to you just how relieved We are given that We can finally complete our edits on 15 many years of history.

I tried several software before to healing HD space in order to identify double archives. Sometimes I was not sure if it was an vital file or not. Drive Aid unify many jobs and always ask just before erasing any archive. An individual can also produce a back up with Time Machine prior to eliminating or see them inside Finder. Within my first day of use I`ve currently freed about one Gb (even using other Programs before) and besides that may identify that I experienced only half my RAM memory. Possibly one regarding them is not working (2x2Gb). Nevertheless now We am sure that the problem is NOT only for the reason that HD free space.

I really do not necessarily use to buy apps, choosing the free kinds. Nevertheless I really seldom feel dissapointed about this purchase. That really worth every cent I actually paid with this 15 money App!