How can I disable the Mail app?

In the event that you’ve purchased a second hand Mac, or just need to switch email addresses in your Apple Mail application, at that point you will need to erase the extracting email account. Here’s the place we demonstrate to you industry standards to expel Apple Mail accounts for all time from your Mac.

Erasing an email address from Apple Mail is unbelievably simple, you should simply go in to the settings, find the record and snap expel. That is it, every single existing datum from that email record will be expelled from Apple Mail.

Reduce the Space Mail app Uses

The Mail folder develops so substantial because the Mail app downloads each and every email and connection to store them on your Mac. This makes them available altogether disconnected and enable Spotlight to record them for simple pursuit. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have gigabytes of messages in your Gmail account or somewhere else, you may not need them all on your Mac!

There was before an approach to control the measure of the email reserve by evolving the “Keep duplicates of messages for disconnected review” alternative to “Don’t keep.” This choice was expelled in OS X Mavericks, so there’s not any more any approach to advise Mail to download less messages from inside Mail itself.

Be that as it may, you can spare some space by advising Mail not to naturally download connections. Open the Mail app, tap the Mail menu, and select Preferences. Tap the Accounts symbol and select the record you need to change settings for. Tap the Advanced tab and uncheck the “Naturally download all connections” alternative. Connections won’t be consequently downloaded, however will be put away online until the point that you use them — that’ll spare some space.

Look for Emails

Select the Inbox you need to seek in the sidebar of the Mail application.

  • Sort a pursuit term in the Search box to find messages using a particular email address, title or other criteria and press the “Enter” key.
  • Tap the “Alter” menu in Apple Mail and pick “Select All” starting from the drop menu.
  • Hold down the “Summon” key and tap on any messages you need to keep to deselect critical messages.
  • Tap the “Alter” menu and select “Erase” to erase the chose messages.

Filter Emails

  • Tap the “Mail” menu and select “Inclinations.”
  • Select the “Standards” tab and snap “Include Rule.”
  • Enter a depiction for the control in the Description field.

Select the channel choices by choosing each drop-down menu to pick when a control applies and after that write the criteria into the content fields. For instance, select “Any” from the “If [Any] of the Following Conditions Are Met” drop-down box. At that point, select criteria for the channel by picking the “Any Recipient” and “Contains” drop-down menus. Sort the criteria in the content field and press the “+” catch. You can type an address of the email or a word that appears in a title.

  • Select the drop-down boxes in the Perform the Following Actions area. Pick “Erase Message” from the principal drop-down menu and tap the “+” catch.
  • Tap the “alright” catch and select “Apply” to run the govern and erase any email messages that fit your predefined

Delete old Mail attachments

Take after these directions to erase old email connections:

  1. Open a Finder window.
  2. In the Search bar, type Mail Downloads and hit Enter. Then again, you can explore to the accompanying folder manually:
/Users/YourUsername/Library/Containers/ Downloads

For your own data, you might need to right-tap on the folder and check how much storage room it is taking.

  •  Open the Mail Downloads folder.
  • Select all sub folders in the Mail Downloads folder and erase them.

Contingent upon to what extent you’ve had your Mac for, you may have numerous gigabytes of storage room stopped up by unneeded files. Experiencing this procedure should help recover some of that space.

Regardless of whether macOS has turned out to be more astute in the way it handles stockpiling and unneeded files, it is as yet something you need to keep tab on, particularly in the event that you possess a more established PC.

Once more, it’s certainly a smart thought to prevent the Mail app from downloading all connections on Mac in any case.