How to Block Cookies on Safari

  1. Select Preferences from the Safari menu or use the Command+, console alternate way (hold down the Command key and the comma key in the meantime).
  2. Go to the Privacy tab.
  3. Pick how you need Safari to treat treats. As a matter of course, Safari permits treats from the destinations you visit, yet forestalls outsider content that may be installed in those locales from putting away treats on your PC. Your different options are:
  • Continuously block: No treats are permitted to be put away on your Mac. Remember this option may keep a few locales from working appropriately.
  • Permit from current site only: Only the present site you’re going by will be permitted to store treats.
  • Continuously permit: All sites, outsiders, and sponsors can store treats on your Mac.
  1. Close the Preferences window when you are done. Your settings will apply to all future site perusing.

One setting you may likewise need to change in Safari’s Preference menu is site following. Check the “Request that sites not track me” option to tell destinations and their outsider content suppliers not to monitor your perusing exercises using devices other than treats. Safari will send a “don’t track” ask for when you visit the webpage, however it’s up to the site proprietor to consent.

Reject or Disable cookies on Safari

  • Step 1. Open Safari program on your Mac.
  • Step 2. On the upper left corner, click Safari, and pick Preference.
  • Step 3. A window will fly up, and click Privacy.
  • Step 4. Alongside Cookies and site information, pick “Dependably permit” to empower treats in Safari, and snap “Dependably block” to disable treats on Mac.

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