How to Delete Roblox Account?

We realize some players may have times where they cannot or choose never to play Roblox for awhile. We presently don’t have an attribute for players to erase their accounts.

However, Roblox is continually growing to bring a straight better experience to all or any in our players and we desire to see you back again! If you not any longer desire to play on your consideration, it will stay inactive until you’re prepared to play again. In this manner you will not lose anything you’ve built or created on your accounts if you opt to go back to Roblox.

Steps to disable ROBLOX Account

Step 1

Write a contact to a ROBLOX customer support rep at In the torso of your email, you’ll need to include a short explanation for asking for a merchant account deletion. Additionally you should include your bank account email, name, contact number and address for id verification.

Step 2

Contact ROBLOX customer support via cellphone by phoning 888-858-BLOX. You need to have your consideration email and personal informational such as name, contact number and address designed for verification when talking to the client service representative.

Step 3

Ignore the bill and invite it to idle for a complete year. After twelve months, ROBLOX will execute something sweep where accounts which may have been inactive for just one full 12 months will be erased from the machine. All your private information, such as name, contact number, email and location will be erased from the ROBLOX repository.

Step 4

If you performed all the steps right then you ought to be offered “delete consideration” message. This may appear weird but believe me, it works! I’ve erased 2 accounts like this

If you do that then please reply informing me how you have on.