How to Uninstall Default Apps from Apple

In the event that you have attempted to uninstall Safari, Photos, Mail, iTunes or other standard macOS applications, you may have seen this mistake message about the inconceivability of erasing these apps because it’s a necessity of macOS.

It is restricted to erase standard applications in the customary path because of the way that the expulsion of implicit applications may harm the practicality of the framework. In spite of the fact that you can download Safari or iTunes from the official Apple site, other imperative projects are not accessible to be reestablished. Apple doesn’t enable you to erase its vital apps. That is the reason App Cleaner doesn’t do it too.

This control is critical for unpracticed users. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are a PC nerd and comprehend which default programs are protected to evacuate, you can do it by means of Terminal.

System Integrity Protection on Mac OS

We found that these traps never again work under El Capitan, and likely won’t work under more up to date MacOS X (or: macOS) forms because of the new “Framework Integrity Protection” which keeps users from erasing certain files, notwithstanding when you’re framework overseer or use sudo.

A work around would be by transitory debilitating System Integrity Protection, however I prompt against doing that.

On the off chance that you truly recognize what you’re doing, attempt these means to cripple SIP:

  • Restart your Mac.
  • Before OS X begins up, hold down Command-R and hold it held down until the point that you see an Apple symbol and an advance bar.
  • Discharge both keys. This boots you into Recovery.
  • From the Utilities menu, select Terminal.
  • At the incite write precisely the accompanying and afterward squeeze Return: csrutil impair
  • Terminal should show a message that SIP was impaired.
  • From the → menu, select Restart.

In the wake of evacuating the undesirable applications, you can re-empower SIP by following the above advances, and using csrutil empower.

Remove FaceTime, Safari, Mail, and Other Default Apps

Cautioning: There is no fixing the app erasure without reinstalling the individual application or Mac OS X. This will bring about changeless evacuation of the predetermined applications and could bring about unusual framework conduct or ill-advised usefulness. On the off chance that you don’t know precisely what you’re doing and why, this isn’t prescribed. Play out a backup heretofore, and continue at your own particular hazard.

  • Start the Terminal, situated in/Applications/Utilities/
  • Sort the accompanying at the order line to change to the Applications catalog:
  • disc/Applications/

Since you are in the Applications folder, you can begin erasing apps. You won’t get an affirmation of the expulsion, the app will just be erased totally. The accompanying summons will just work when used in the/Applications/registry.

Erase Safari

sudo rm – rf

Erase Mail

sudo rm – rf

Erase FaceTime

sudo rm – rf

Erase QuickTime Player

sudo rm – rf QuickTime\

Erase Stickies

sudo rm – rf

Erase Chess

sudo rm – rf

Erase Photo Booth

sudo rm – rf Photo\

In case you’re sufficiently agreeable with the charge line, you could supply the full application way with/Applications/ however considering the potential for disastrous mistake with sudo rm – rf we used the more secure strategy.