How to Change Full Name of Mac User Account

Every client account contains the data underneath; well, entirely’s more data that goes into a client account, however these are the three viewpoints we’re working with here:

Full Name: As you’ve no uncertainty speculated, this is the client’s full name. It can be additionally be utilized as the login name. For instance, Tom Nelson.

Short Name (additionally called the Account Name): This is an abbreviated form of the full name; for instance, tnelson. Your Mac will really propose a short name in light of the full name you entered, however you can utilize any name you wish. The short name will likewise be utilized as the name of the home index, and in addition the login name.

Home Directory: As specified as of now, the Home Directory and the Short Name will be the same. They should continue as before constantly for your client record to work effectively. The Home Directory is normally situated in the Users catalog of your startup drive, yet you can really move the home index to pretty much anyplace you wish.

macOS Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite

  • Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, at that point click Users and Groups.
  • Snap bolt, at that point enter an executive name and password.
  • From the rundown of clients, Control-snap or right-tap the client that you need to rename. Choose Advanced Options from the easy route menu.
  • Change the name in the “Full name” field, at that point click OK.

OS X Mavericks or prior

  • Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, at that point click Users and Groups (or Accounts).
  • Select a client from the rundown.
  • Change the name in the “Full name” field.
  • Changing the Administrator Name

Changing the Administrator Name

  1. Login to your Mac utilizing the chairman account. To do this, select the chairman account from the login screen. Contingent upon your settings, you may need to enter the director password. In the event that you are as of now signed in with another record, at that point initially select “Log Out [Account name]…” from under the Apple Menu at the furthest left of the best menu bar.
  2. Open the System Preferences application. This program is situated naturally in your Applications organizer, however you may have moved it elsewhere. The appearence of the symbol shifts relying upon what rendition of Mac OS you are utilizing. In Mac OS 10.5, its symbol looks like three apparatuses in a silver-shaded box, however in prior renditions of Mac OS X it might resemble a light switch.
  3. Select “Records” in the System area. The Accounts symbol resembles the outlines of two individuals, and is for the most part toward the start of the fourth line of symbols, under the “Framework” header. Tap on the symbol.
  4. Select the executive record from the rundown on the left of the Accounts window. Overseer accounts say “Administrator” under the record name. Change the director status of a record by checking or unchecking the “Enable client to regulate this PC” box. In the event that there is just a single record, it will have head benefits as a matter of course.
  5. Change the content in the “Name” field to the new director name. Enter the executive password to affirm the change.

Changing Account Information

On the off chance that you influenced an error when setting up a client to record, or you essentially wish to change the name, you can do as such by following the guidelines underneath. Simply recollect that there are sure impediments, the most essential being that the Short Name and Home Directory name must match.

In case you’re prepared to change your record data, at that point we should begin.