Mac Maintanance

Regular Mac maintenance will ensure a long life for your device. See how to perform a disk diagnostic, as well as reset, recover and restore Mac.

Fix Kernel Panic after updating macOS Sierra

Kernel Panic, however sounding unnerving, is just an event when your Mac continues restarting for no conspicuous reason. Your Mac’s screen goes dark giving you different cautioning messages like “You have to restart your PC.” Note that the nearness of

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How to save picture from Pages?

  1.  The principal thing to attempt is to right snap (or alternative snap) on the Pages file and check whether you get a choice that says ‘Show Package Contents.’ If it’s there, select ‘Show Package Contents’ and it will open an

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What is back to my Mac iCloud feature?

Back to My Mac is an iCloud include that turns out to be fantastically useful when you are working remotely from your office and need to complete something, or to help investigate another person’s machine. The component gives you a

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How to Make SMC Reset on iMac

The system administration controller (SMC) is a chip in your intel-based Mac that is associated with running a considerable measure of the physical parts of the machine, similar to LED markers, keyboards and different peripherals, cooling fans, and power catches.

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Mac Wireless Diagnostics Tools From Apple

Apple computers include a Wireless Analysis tool that can help you speed up your Wi-Fi network and improve its signal strength. Additionally, it includes many additional tools for power users. That is useful for everyone from Mac beginners to experts,

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