Mac Maintanance

Regular Mac maintenance will ensure a long life for your device. See how to perform a disk diagnostic, as well as reset, recover and restore Mac.

How to Open Unix EXEC files on macOS?

The exec files are normally used by Unix and Unix based working frameworks, similar to OS X (macOS), Linux, FreeBSD and others.

  • Unix and Unix-like frameworks check a file with executable piece as EXEC file.
  • EXEC isn’t file extension it is just

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How To Make a Screenshot on a Mac

Thinking about how to bring a screenshot with your Mac? In case you’re new to the working framework, you may see there’s no “Print Screen” catch on your console. Yet, that doesn’t really mean the procedure is convoluted. Utilizing different

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How to use FaceTime on Mac

FaceTime is Apple’s prevalent video talking administration that permits iPhone, iPad and Mac clients to visit with each other over video. It’s a cross-stage benefit too, so you can without much of a stretch FaceTime with somebody on your iPhone

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The Mac Finder issue can be exceptionally disappointing. Heaps of Mac users have detailed such inconvenience on OS X Yosemite, El Capitan, and most recent macOS Sierra.

Luckily, the issues are for the most part simple to settle as long as

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