Mac Maintanance

Regular Mac maintenance will ensure a long life for your device. See how to perform a disk diagnostic, as well as reset, recover and restore Mac.

How to speed up safari on Mac

One of the problems with diagnosing a Safari log jam is figuring out who’s to blame. While my experience may not be the same as yours, more often than not I discover Safari log jams are identified with my ISP

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What Does Repair Disk Permissions Do?

The permissions here are truly file and index permissions, yet they’re for the most part called “disk permissions.” Your Mac won’t consequently repair permissions aside from while introducing or overhauling Mac OS X itself.

Like on other working systems, including Windows

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Clear Mac Mail Cache From Mail App

In case you use the Mail app on a Mac, it’s fairly likely that you routinely delete emails that you choose to be unnecessary, trash, or that basically aren’t required. Typically this is a particular process where particular email messages

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Best SSD Drive for Mac

In the event that you don’t have the financial plan for another Mac, there are a lot of approaches to upgrade a more established Mac. Additional memory is constantly useful on the off chance that you haven’t effectively filled the

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How to Reset SMC on MacBook Air

Is your Mac acting simply… odd? Stuff like drives not showing up, screens not altering effectively, Bluetooth issues, AirPort non interfacing? Possibly your fan is running relentless or your battery has said that it is half charged… for two days…

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