Mac Maintanance

Regular Mac maintenance will ensure a long life for your device. See how to perform a disk diagnostic, as well as reset, recover and restore Mac.

MacBook Air Battery Life Check

Beneath Cycle Count below the Information about health section, you should visit a State section. There, you can study the current condition of your MacBook’s electric battery. In the screenshot above, you’ll see that my battery’s current condition is normal.


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How to Check Disk Usage on Mac

Really often only an concern of time before Macintosh users wind up looking at the dreaded “startup drive almost full” warning communication in Mac OS Times, which often brings about a frantic dash throughout the Downloads available folder as users

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Macbook Hardware Diagnostic Test

If you can’t choose the basic driver of your concern by confining issues in OS X, your first port of call should be OS X’s worked in recuperation apparatuses.

Regardless, that may not be basically enough and Recovery Mode may be

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How to Check Memory Usage on Mac

Ever think about what amount of free space is accessible on your Mac’s hard circle or parcels? It’s anything but difficult to check in OS X. Furthermore, if your Mac is running Mac OS 10.7 or later, the interface demonstrates

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How Do I Enable Cookies in Safari

A “Cookie” is a little measure of information created by a site and spared by your web program – its motivation is to recall information about you. Cookies are used by web programs to store and send critical information, and

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