Mac Cleaning

Cleaning your Mac from unnecessary junk gives you many benefits. In this category, you can see how to get rid of all the duplicates, cashe, trash, etc.

Steps to Remove Dropbox from Mac

Erasing Dropbox from your Mac is somewhat more convoluted than erasing normal applications. There are many strings in Dropbox gathering about uninstalling Dropbox. For instance:

Endeavored to delete the Dropbox application from my Mac, yet it gave me this blunder message

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How to Uninstall Malwarebytes on macOS

It merits specifying that, a few applications for Mac accompany their own particular devoted uninstallers, e.g. Adobe and Microsoft. Those applications will install extra programming to give broadened capacities, or place library records and related application conditions somewhere else in

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How Do I Fix Mac System Preferences

Exactly what are system preference files on Mac OS X? The Mac’s system preference documents are files that store the rules (or parameters) that tell your programs how they should work. And you can find these preference files within each

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How to Delete Evernote Account?

Keeping in mind the end goal to close your Evernote account, you should make a point to send out your notes from your desktop Evernote programming: How to go down (trade) and reestablish (import) notes and scratch pad, delete your

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How to Get Rid of Backups on Mac?

It used to be that Time Machine backups unfolded easily and rapidly yet nowadays its not bizarre to experience occurrences where Time Machine slows down, what appears like everlastingly, at its “cleaning up” stage. Here is a conceivable answer for

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